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Retrieving SSID from database

I have pulled entired vaults outs of the database using a bulk tool.  We have discovered missing items and I need to reteive all SSID by vault from KVS to compare with my database which stores SSID in this format 556000000000000~200701171246270000~0~...

Jen1234 by Level 2
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How to know mailbox size reduction

Hi, I am archiving user mailboxes using EV. To find the size reduction of mailbox, I am checking the mailbox size before and after archive. I want to know is there any report which shows....  (0) Amount of space saved for that mailbox because of E...

Client driven migration stops at "migrating"

Hello, When a migration process stops while it has the status "migrating" , could this be because the user has logged of or shutdown  his computer? Maybe the process can't finish beacuse EV needs access to his local profile to remove the PST? Will ...

Resolved! manually re-link vault to mailbox

hello, Somwtimes when i account get a new GUID (when it's recreated or something), EV sees rthis account as a new mailbox and does'nt automatically link them because the GUIS is different. With this reg-key "SynchInMigrationMode", i can make EV link...

Client driven PST migration

hello, I just performed a test client driven PST migration with a small PST file but i have a question : - The db file is not in the holding folder anymore - in the file list, the status is set to "completing" - in the general tab of the properties...

Emails in 2008 didn't get archived?

I have a user who's complaining about emails in 2008 not getting archived. Recent emails do get archived however.  What the problem could be? What are some things that I should check? Thanks

Resolved! End User Differences EV 7.5 -> 8 Upgrade

Is there any available documentation or can anybody share their experience with how the end user experience changes after upgrading from EV 7.5 to 8? In an ideal world, I would find a side-by-side comparison of the two but maybe that's just wishful t...

AndrewB by Moderator
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Resolved! Archive Explorer not updating

Hi Everyone, I'm using Enterprise Vault v7.5 and I'm a bit confused about the functionality of the Archive Explorer. I was under the impression that it was used to search for archived files however I have recently restored some files but they are st...

Customize OWA functionality

Hi. In a Exchange 2007/ EV8 SP1 environment I'm looking for a way to remove the top header that states "Enterpise Vault Archived Item,  Click here to view this item." The reason is that the link that is used if I click on the header is constructed ...

Tobbe by Level 5
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Resolved! FSA Placeholder Appearance

Very quick easy question please. What do the FSA placeholders look like?  I think it threw me a little because they look a little like a clock so I was worried they were in a pending state.  On a closer look however they look more like a small box w...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP2 release date?

Hi I'm looking to setup a new enviroment with SQL 2008. It says in the latest compatibility list that the support for this one will be in EV 8 SP2 When will SP2 be out? Also, has anyone tried EV 8 with SQL 2008? Best Regards //Risto

RistoL by Level 3
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Juniper SSL VPN and Exchange 2007 OWA

Hi Folks, I hope someone can help me, I've had a search through the posts on here and it seems other people are using this solution so I assume it's possible to get this working. I currently have Juniper SSL VPN with Exchange 2007 and EV2007. The to...

SpodBoy by Level 2
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Resolved! FSA Quirks with lots of files

After some DTrace, here's the issue. I have a NAS called NTPC1300. I have a Volume on that NAS called USER. Within USER is about 2000 folders of everyones home share. I've chosen NTPC1300 as my file server, and USER as my volume. I've chosen 5 fol...

MBaran5 by Level 3
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