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Resolved! Outlook password prompt MSCS cluster

Hi Guys,                 I am stumped on this one and am hoping you give me the magic answer has you have done before. I have recently moved to new hardware and have upgraded from EV6 SP3 to EV 2007 SP4. I have moved it onto a Microsoft Windows 2003 ...

Resolved! EV Icons missing FE

EV 7.5 SP 5 Exchange 2003 SP 2 Installed OWA extensions on BE successful "Failed to make ADO connection" But OWA shows EV Icons when connect directly to BE Installed OWA Extensions on FE Successful without any errors But OWA does not show EV Icons...

fasoy by Level 4
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Resolved! Index rebuilds - any way to see a progress bar?

Hi all, Just a quick question please for someone who is still getting to grips with EV2007 linked to Exchange 2003: We had an issue today where the disk that houses our indexes ran out of space.  As such we had a number of failed indexes.  We had to...

yarg by Level 4
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Resolved! EventID 40966 : Outside the bounds of the array

Hi All- Just did a 7.5 to 8.0SP1 upgrade that seemed to go okay.  Getting EventID 40966 errors in the SEV Event Log every 10 seconds, though.  Any ideas? ----------------------------------------------- Source: Enterprise Vault Category: Monitoring ...

problem enabling offline vault

I'm trying to enable offline vault on my enteprise vault 8.0 server. In the past I use this feature on 7.5 version without problem. I create a desktop policy with offline vault enabled and I'm testing offline feature with syncronize problem. On syncr...

Backup exec and FSA - backups pulling archive files

Help, Our backup exec 11d is pulling our archive files. We use FSA and archive mostly .pdf files and it does a great job of it. Problem is when backup exec passes over the placeholder it pulls the file back delaying our backup. We have thousands of ...

MR by Level 2
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Resolved! Cannot install EV OWA 2003 Extensions?!?

Hi All. I get a popup error message immediately after I kick off the Symantec Enterprise Vault OWA 2003 Extension.msi installation program. This is the error: Product: Symantec Enterprise Vault OWA 2003 Extensions -- Symantec Enterprise Vault OWA ...

cs753js by Level 3
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Resolved! question about index

I've some question about index: 1. Why an index can failed? 2. If an index fails, what actions can I do (on order)? 3. If the index of user User1 fails, what User1 can't do? Only the ev search? Thanks for your support

Resolved! User's Mailbox not archiving all emails as expected.

I have a user that we used as a test user when we first started setting up Enterprise Vault.  Now we are getting ready to go production and we have started our pilot test.  Everyone's email is archiving as expected except for the user we used at the ...

Resolved! Report: Archived Items Access

Having problems generating report for  "Archived Items Access" It says there is no data available to display. EV 7.5 SP 5 Auditing is enabled Looks like something is still missing. Any help would be appreciated

fasoy by Level 4
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Using Windows Desktop Search to locate Placeholders.

I'm unable to locate files by filenames that are placeholders with Windows Desktop Search.  Is there a plugin that has to be installed on users' machines in order to be abel to use the Windows Desktop Search to loacte placeholders by filename? Tha...

PST Migration

Hi! I would like to ask for help. We have pilot EV8. All permissions for Vault account in place. When I tried to use PST client migration for for one user, pst file was found , message sent to user mailbox but nothing happened. I checked user regis...

Mambal by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 2007 Multi Domain /Multi organization support

Anyone know if multiple organizatin and multiple domian is uspported unders one EV site?  I have EV 2007 SP5 and we are planning to merge two companies with diffrent forest with seperate exchange organization. Thanks DP

Resolved! Purpose of Restore function in Outlook

I have some test users who are asking what the purpose of the "Restore" function is, more specifically why you would need to do a restore of an archived item. I know what it does but I'll not sure why it's needed. Also if the item is restored does th...

Bobc by Level 4
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Resolved! Index repair details

Hello, I think that I already know the answer but wanted some clarification. I had some items in an index showing as failed so I issued an index REPAIR to correct the failed items within the index. In the past I have used update and in rare occasions...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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