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Resolved! Enterprise Vault - FSA - Service Account Permissions

Good Evening All, I have an important query in relation to File Server Archiving EV Service Account. Besides being a local admin on the Target File Server, what all rights/permissions are required as a MANDATE to archive files. (EV 8.0 specificall...

Resolved! Twice messages

A question: in Exchange Archiving environment if I execute an "Export archives on their original mailboxes" for two times for the same mailbox, the archived messages will be appears twice. Is this correct? Thanks all ubi

favumb by Level 3
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Resolved! Symantec EV 8.0 - Archive Deletion

Hello All, I have some queries in relation to Archive deletion but before that following is the configuration done: - SITE LEVEL: - Archive settings  -  Default Retention Category ; Indexing level Medium ; Users can delete items fom their archiv...

Resolved! Event ID 4 - FilterManager

Hello! We have recently upgraded from EV 7, SP4 to EV88, SP1. After that we started to get ALOT of warnings in the system log regarding "FilterManager". (Event ID 4 - Filtermanager) I get this on all three fileservers. I also get alot of error even...

MiaLid by Level 3
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Resolved! Events 6287 and 6281 problems

Hi (again :) ) Well as a newcomer to this quite fine application you run into a lot of issues while testing. Once again I have a question. This time it may be the file-archiving I have done something to. I have deleted an archive and file-server (c...

Resolved! EV 8.0 Sp1 -Outlook plugin / Offline store

Hi, We have a few weird issues with EV 8.0 sp1 at the moment, specifically around domain controllers and Outlook plugin for EV. We are running Outlook 2007 sp2 and the EV outlook client version 8.0 sp1. When you start outlook in the morning and run...

PF by Level 3
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Resolved! Upgrading

I am upgrading Enterprise vault 7.0 sp2 to SP4. I am wondering if the upgrade is unsuccessful or if we run into issue. It is possible to roll back to previous version

Resolved! Question

I am just wondering about Symantec Enterprise Vault when a user is using outlook if it seemless to the end user with emails, if i have archived some of their email older then 6 months if it will keep it in the same folder, and not move it to a Symant...

Resolved! migration

We are looking to upgrade our Enterprise vault solution from 6 to 2007. We are running windows 2003 with Exchange 2003. The current SQL server is 2000. We want to upgrade to SQL 2005 and therefore have Symantec Enterprise Vault 2007 running with it...

Errors after upgrade from V2007 to V2008

Hello all, i have recenty upgraded Enterprise Vault 2007 SP4 to EV 2008. After that i have problems archiving mails. Here is what is happening: - The archiving job runs normally but the items remain in the "Enterprise Vault storage archive" unde...

Morgoth by Level 4
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Can't open pending-archival items in OWA.

Hello, Anyone seen the following problem before please? We've got  a new installation of EV8.0 with Exchange 2003. In Outlook, everything works as it should but in OWA, we can't open items which are pending archival. When we try to open them, it ev...

BruGuy by Level 6
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Resolved! Scripted PST migration and Restrict shortcuts

First: could someone clarify for me whether the Default PST Migration Policy is applied when you use a scripted PST migration? If NOT: then how do you mimic the "Restrict shortcuts by age" part of the policy. So, I want to create shortcuts, but only...

Resolved! NDF files

Hi, I installed EV 8.0 sp1 last week. This is a production installation after completing a PoC, which was originally 7.something, and then I upgraded it to 8.0 (not with sp1). I have noticed that the new installation has created a lot of .ndf files...

Resolved! EV 8.0 Reporting Configuration

Good Morning All, I have a very strange issue... Maybe I am missing some configuration. Before installing EV 8.0, I checked if SQL 2005 reports are running, YES. Once I install EV 8.0 Reporting, the SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER), Sto...

Resolved! Outlook password prompt MSCS cluster

Hi Guys,                 I am stumped on this one and am hoping you give me the magic answer has you have done before. I have recently moved to new hardware and have upgraded from EV6 SP3 to EV 2007 SP4. I have moved it onto a Microsoft Windows 2003 ...

Resolved! EV Icons missing FE

EV 7.5 SP 5 Exchange 2003 SP 2 Installed OWA extensions on BE successful "Failed to make ADO connection" But OWA shows EV Icons when connect directly to BE Installed OWA Extensions on FE Successful without any errors But OWA does not show EV Icons...

fasoy by Level 4
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Resolved! Index rebuilds - any way to see a progress bar?

Hi all, Just a quick question please for someone who is still getting to grips with EV2007 linked to Exchange 2003: We had an issue today where the disk that houses our indexes ran out of space.  As such we had a number of failed indexes.  We had to...

yarg by Level 4
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