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Resolved! Cannot repair or delete failed indexes

I have a client that has rebuilt and repaired indexes.  He has millions of e-mail, but a few, maybe a total of 28 e-mails, will not repair.  We have restarted the services, tried numeorou repairs, but still they do not say "successful". This is a DTr...

Resolved! Unable to create archive point EV7.5

Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2 EV 7.5 I have an existing target File Server - \\DCxx with an existing Volume - vol1. Vault Store - DCxx.  using Default Volume policy.  Archiving is working fine for this volume I'm trying to add a new Volume ...

smitpeth by Not applicable
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Resolved! Discover unlinked archived files

Hello! I have a policy in a FSA environment with rule “Do not delete archived files when placeholder is deleted”. How can I find archived files where placeholder is missed and how can I remove them?

favumb by Level 3
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Bulk EV search

Hi, I'm trying to identify 'dormant' distribution lists in our organisation, ie, which distribution lists haven't been mailed to in the last year. We've been using EV Journalling for a while now, so I figured it might be a good source to help me. Is...

Resolved! EV Capability Questions.... Help requested.

Hello All, We are currently running EV 2007 in production and in the lab we upgraded to 8.0, some of the questions from our management is can we do the foillowing with EV 8.0 1. All email is automatically archived if >30 days and user is over quota...

Resolved! Remove EV Sever/Vault Store

Hey All- We've just introduced an EV server and new Vault Store into the topology and it turns out that its not going to be used. I was wondering if there is a best practice for accomplishing this, as simply uninstalling EV didn't do the trick.  Som...

Resolved! Antivirus scanning Journal Mailbox?

Hello all, Last weekend Exchange Antivirus (Antigen) has been installed. Should I have the av-admin exclude the journal-mailbox from being scanned? Or does it not matter, and can it be scanned while being handled by EV? Thanks. Gertjan

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! EV2007 sp5 - Manual versus automatic archiving

I apply the following script so I can manually archive all mailbox items: [Directory] directorycomputername = evault01 sitename = evault01site01 [Filter] name = filter1 CreateShortcut = false DeleteOriginal = true unreadMAIL = true UseInactivityPer...

Resolved! Upgrade EV - what changes?

we are planning an upgrade from v6sp4 to v8sp1 via 7 and 7.5 but I was wondering what is actually changed with regard to files, specifically are any changes made to either the Vault Store files, the Index files or Vault Shopping files? or is it just...

trooper by Level 3
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Resolved! deleting vault does not regain all disk used?

hi.  let's say i delete a vault w/ roughly 1TB of data.  the vault gets marked for deletion then eventually disappears.  i don't see 1TB worth of disk space free up.  collections are enabled, not sure if that factors in.  any ideas?  thanks.

alv by Level 3
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Resolved! Custodian Manager issue on Discovery Accelerator

Hello.  I have set up a new build of EV8 SP1 with DA on 2 boxes (W2K3SP2) Everything works fine in the test cases that I have set up.  However, when someone else goes to the Custodian Manager page, they receive the error "An upgrade via the Accelerat...

Archive with button yes with politics not

Hi, I have this scenario: - EV8.01 - Sql 2005 - Outlook 2007 sp1 - Exchange 2007 Some users cannot archive when I run the task, but if I push the desktop store in vault button, works well. The problem is that I have no error  in the event viewer. ...

Gonza by Level 5
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Resolved! FSA Archiving with NetAPP Filers

Hi all I have a few questions about File Server Archiving against NetApp Filers. I am half way through an implementation of EV 8 with a customer for Exchange archiving and now they want to add  the FSA component into the mix. Its a while since I have...

SolarP by Level 6
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