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Resolved! Adjusting EV auditing settings

Hello, Our DBAs have asked to move the DB and log locations for the EV auditing DB. I have looked and cannot see a way to adjust this setting, I know on the initial setup of auditing it asks for the DB location but after the setup I do not see it any...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Restore Current Basket

Our customers are utilizing the Search page via http://vaultalias/EnterpriseVault/search.asp?advanced which is a widely posted link in the company. Not through Outlook. Is there a way to customize the search.asp or related files so that the server an...

AndrewB by Moderator
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Resolved! Archived Items remain in Archive Pending state

We've just completed the EV (8.0.1) install and started running a test account for archiving last week. The archiving seems to have gone fine but all the emails are still showing in a pending state (" Enterprise Vault-Pending Item" and "This item is ...

Bobc by Level 4
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Help restoring items from outlook using advanced Find

Does anyone know how I can restore archived item using the Advanced Find function in outlook, the Restore from Vault option does not appear. I have been able to locate everything I need to recover using Outlooks Advanced find, but don't want to move ...

Resolved! Manually uninstall OWA extentions

Hello all, Someone has uninstalled the backend extentions by using add/remove programms, instead of running the backendscript with /remove switch. The result is that the \Enterprise Vault\OWA folder is no longer there, but the websites are still in ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! exit codes policy manager (evpm)

Hi, We are running ev 7.5 SP4 and use it for mail archiving (exchange). I want to run the policy manager on a regulare basis. I would schedule the policy manager to run every night. Now I was wondering if there are exit codes being generated when a ...

JB22 by Level 5
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Resolved! MSMQ - Not clearing

Environement EV 8.0 SP1, Windows 2003 SP2 Exchange 2003 SP2 Scheduled archiving runs as expected however MSMQ A5 & A6 never empty out. I understand that A5 is Mailboxes to process.  Used during background archiving. Does that mean that queue could...

Resolved! Attachments issue with EV

When I'm trying to view archived emails either by outlook or OWA the attachments disappeare and replaced by text named by " @ ", so i can't read or view the attachments. this happen if change the language on the OWA from english to turkish. if i cha...

Resolved! OWA 2003 - EV Buttons do not show

I know this has been discussed a number of times on this forum but I have searched through a lot of posts and not been able to fix.  Here are the details... We are running EV 2007 and clients are using Outlook 2003 and 2007.  Up until recently we ha...

Resolved! Requirements Scanner (standalone XP SP3 client) - DCOM error?

Hi, We have EV8.0.1.1560 on our EV server.  I want to install the EV Admin Console on my WinXP SP3 client PC.  I run the SETUP.EXE (dated 25 March 09) from a local copy (on my PC) of the install SERVER folder and it runs the Requirements Scanner, but...

IanB by Level 4
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IIS issue with Vault Reporting configuration

When running the Reporting Configuration utility for the first time I kept getting a message to check to see if Report Services was running. I checked to see and the servcies were running fine but whenI tried to get into Reporting Services using SQL ...

Bobc by Level 4
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Done Archiving

Hello, Problem: How do you know when a mailbox is completely archived? Situation: We have already created a term process that is highly automated for our terminated employees, however we are running into one problem.  We have automated the full arc...