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Resolved! Indexes for Journal Archive - Repair?

Hi All, We are having issues when doing Advanced Finds on our Journal. It would just fail. On checking the Index Volumes for the Journal we found one index had ' Not Set'  under 'Failed Items' , all other Indexes had '0'. So we decided to repair in...

philt by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 8.0.1 compatability with MSSQL

I am very new to the Enterprise Vault world, in fact have just purchased it. According to the documentation, SQL Express 2005 compatability is pending for Enterprise Vault 8.0.1. Has anyone tried running 8.0.1 on SQL Express 2005? Would you recom...

smercer by Not applicable
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Error 6181 and 2776

I've been seeing these in our ev server Error 6181 Error Sending SaveSet to Storage Server -------------------- Error 2776 An Excception in Routine CArchivingAgent::PL_FinishBuildingSaveset -------------

Resolved! Removing "old" mailboxes from AE

In the past, I've had to grant myself rights to open other archives...using archive explorer. I've since removed those rights, but these mailboxes and folders are still being listed in the left pane of AE. I can't get to them anymore...but they're st...

EV Licensing?

I thought I knew this...and did look at the Symantec site... Is EV (email archiving) licensed based on the number of active mailboxes being archived  or the number of archives present in the vault store? 

Resolved! Archive Explorer + EV2007 SP5 + Settings button

Hi, I am trying to switch ON the "Settings" button in Archive Explorer, but to no avail. I read this: Which says that WebApp.ini shouldn't be used anymore, but doesn't give an alternative of where...

DrDave by Level 4
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Upgrade EV7 to EV8 on Microsoft Cluster

I'm attempting to determine any gotcha's with upgrading an EV7 server to EV8 that is installed on a Windows active/passive cluster. All databases are on a separate Windows active/passive cluster. Based on the Upgrade Readme file I will need to stop s...

berwin by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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PST Migration Wizard Question?

I recently ran a test of the PST migration wizard to see how it worked. I was able to perform the migration and it all seems to have worked out correctly. However, after it migrated the personal folder into the mailbox the personal folder and all sub...

Resolved! Deletion of entry in table exchangemailboxentry

Hi all, we are running EV 7.5 SP4. I found in the provisioning task report lines of users, who are no longer in any provisioning group (whole exchange organization) and have entries in teh ev database. These users are no longer in our company. We dis...

Weasel by Level 5
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Odd PST Migration results

EV7.5 sp2 on W2k3 sp2 - physical box.  SQL 2000 on a separate system (W2k3 also).  All clients are Outlook 2003 fully patched. We are in the process of migrating all PST files into the vault and have discovered a problem we can't explain, so hoping ...

Resolved! Not in any provisioning group

(ev2007 sp2 - exch2k3 sp2) One server. One provisioning group for entire organization. Whenever provision runs, I get event 41133 "The Exchange mailbox provisioning task found enabled mailboxes that are not part of a provisioning group."  Looking a...

Resolved! Upgrading from 7.5 to 8.0 - Backup question

Hi everyone, We currently use a script to set registry keys to put EV in read-only mode, restart services. In 8.0 you can use Powershell cmdlets to do this. Should the registry keys be removed? Or are they obsoLete, and wiLL not be Used anymore. I...

GertjanA by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Performance gain after introducing collections

Hi. I'm looking for any references when it comes to improved performance of EV backups after enabling collections when the storage is on regular NTFS shares. I realize that there are quite a few variables that comes in to play regarding type of back...

Tobbe by Level 5
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Symantec Outlook Add-In

We have deployed outlook Add-in on 2000 machines but some users are having problems. 1. SMS push was not successful. 2. Manual install does not bring the enterprise vault icons We restarted the machines but no luck. Its been 2 days and have install...

fasoy by Level 4
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Enterprise Vaulting Email Data Restructure Question

Hi, I inherited support of our EV system a few years back, and have been maintaining it.  We are currently at EV 2007 SP3.  We do not have the Reporting component installed (yet). When it was initially implemented, there was One policy only that was...

Resolved! How to migrate Exchange and Evault servers to new hardware

Hi All, We need to migrate the Exchange and EVault servers to new hardware, but the dedicated servers are in different locations. We just have a VPN between the old environment and the new one. We currently have Exchange 2003 and EV7.0 SP1, will ke...