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Resolved! SMTP Mailbox archiving from O365

HiI assume that when a user archives from 0365 using SMTP mailbox journaling EV will not be able to do anything to reduce the size of the users mailbox? The message will still get posted to the user mailbox and no size reduction (stubbing\removing at...

CadenL by Level 6
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Resolved! EMA returns no data

Good morning, all. I’m hitting an error when running EMA against Exchange2013SP1. A colleague has reproduced the “no data” symptom (though not the error text) when running the same version of EMA against an Exchange 2016 setup. Environment: Exchange ...

LandofOz by Level 3
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EVPM script to restore mails of particular folder

Hi All,I really need help very badly, there are more than 1200 users whoes Personal folder got archived due to EVPM script got failed, now we have resolved the issue and script is running as per schedule but now client is asking to restore all the 12...

Office 365 with on-premise Enterprise Vault

What options are available to run Office 365 with on-premise EV 11 (running mailbox and journal archiving)?Q1 - For example, while in the process of mailbox migration to O365, what would I need to have in place to ensure that "migrated users" still h...

Itegral by Level 6
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Zap Multiple Mailboxes

Hi,Just after some guidance.  As part of a user cleanup exercise, I am looking to zap any users who haven't logged in for X time.  I will be using the EVPM.exe from cmd and using the .ini switch.  Some of these accounts may already be disabled and/or...

Allow O365 Mailbox search/restore from On Prem Vault

Is there a Veritas solution for creating a link for O365 migrated mailboxes to search and retrieve messages that had previously been vaulted when the users mailbox was on prem?The option to restore to pst for uploading or fully restore all messages b...

GordonO by Level 1
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Resolved! EV11 - disable monitoring for free space in database

HelloI have several static environments, which are available only for DA access. On one of these environments, for one reason or the other, the Vault Store database seems to be growing. This initself is strange, as no archiving is taking place, nor d...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! copy/move in web search

Hello,we are using EV 12.1.1 for exchange servers.I'm testing all the configurations possibilities from the web search of  EV 12.1.1 before going productive.Important to know is that my users can't delete from the archive and have no other access to ...

Enterprise Vault 12 & LOOKEEN search tool

I have been asked by a customer whether or not Enterprise Vault works with LOOKEEN 8.3.1, as they are using this on a number of PC's and it doesn't appear to be indexing the archived emails.I have not previously come accross the LOOKEEN product, and ...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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Resolved! Upgrading From v9 to v10

I current have EV9 installed on Server 2008 64bit (not R2) and need to upgrade to v10.  v10 is not supported on Server 2008 64 therefore I cannot do a inplace upgrade. Can I use the migration wizard to migrate to v10 on new hardware?  The wizard stat...

sunnych by Level 2
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Archiving policy

How can I archive mailboxes according to quota and next according to age?I think, archiving policy "Based on age and quota" is not useful for us a lot. Because keeping mailboxes in quota is more important than archive plenty small old items. But we n...

flyok by Level 3
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Exchange mailbox moved to Office 365

Hello Team,If we have EV 9 and Exchange 2010, later we move the mailbox to Office 365 where I cannot use EV archive (as EV cloud is not present.)As users have shortcuts in their outlook profiles, so post moving the mailboxes to office 365 the hidden ...

Resolved! EV 11 upgrade & SQL database growth

Hi All,Need help in understanding this:I'm in the middle of upgrading my EV 10.0.4 to EV 11.0.1, what i need to understand is;What all changes the EV upgrade does to SQL databases with regards to DB and transaction logs growth?Is there a supporting a...

Deleted Vault Store in Marked for Deletion State

Dear's,New vault stores were cretaed and archives moved to those vault stores as well new index location were created.I have deleted 2 old Vault Stores and after long time it still remains in marked for deletion stage, also the old index location sti...

Alam_S by Level 3
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Resolved! Server Error in '/EnterpriseVault/Search' Application.

Hi All, Any idea how I can resolve this issue? I have reinstalled IIS, ASP and recreated the virtual directories Server Error in '/EnterpriseVault/Search' Application. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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