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Resolved! Client driven PST archiving

 Hi, With the client push method for archiving pst's in enterprise vault is it possible that if multiple people use the same pc that a user logged on might have another users pst file pushed to their archive incrooectly. how does it determine who own...

Celtic by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault File System and Sharepoint Archiving

Scenario: - We implemented EV for Exchange Archiving and are pretty happy with it so far. We have a File Server for which the backup window is huge and hence we are thinking of implementing EV for FS also. Ultimately, we have also thought of migratin...

Deleting Orphaned Archived Items from Vault

Hi, Exchange 2003 SP 2 Enterprise Vault 7.5 SP 5 We have not provided users the ability to delete from archive. Users have deleted their shortcuts from mailbox but archived items still exists in Vault. Is there a way to delete those archived items ...

fasoy by Level 4
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Offline vault errors

Hi, We are facing issues with offline vault synchronisation, and errors look as below We have EV 8.0, on Exchange 2007 SP1. Clients machines use Outlook 2003 & 2007. 24/04/2009 09:55:17.581[4012]: HDR:SYNC: Pre-processing. Type:SCHED 24/04/2009 0...

Resolved! Anyway to determing progress other that Dtrace?

I have a "fairly robust" sized mailbox (3gb+) that I want to manually archive. When I did an EVPM to configure to do all, and ran the manual run, after having done 5 other smaller mailboxes earlier...nothing ever happened. No queue entries are being ...

Resolved! Moving mailbox from one OU to another

We are using EV 7.  Each OU has its own retention catergory, provisioning group, and Exchange policy.  We are moving the mailboxes from OU 1 to OU 2 and then remove OU 1.  My question is, what is going to happen to all those items archived under the ...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Resolved! How to I avoid archival of Junk E-mail?

Hi, Our integrator created a script for creating a rule to skip archival everyone's "Junk E-mail" folder.  Can one of you experts out there tell me if this should work, and tell me how to configure this script to be used? Thanks!! [Directory] Dire...

Resolved! How do I delete orphaned archived mail folder in vault?

Hi All, I'm new to EV.  We just had an integrator install 8.0.1 (aka 8.0 SP1).  I had a folder in Outlook that I did not want archived.  I've deleted the folder in Outlook, but now it's in the vault.  How best do I delete the folder from EV?  Thank...

Resolved! Process for resetting EV ANON password?

Hi, The people who set up our vault some years back have lost / fogotten our ev-anon password. As we are doing a migration we will probably need to know it now to get the new domain's Exchange servers OWA to work. Do I just change it and re-run ow...

EV Icons not appearing in Windows Vista

Hi, Does anyone know why the EV icons or menu option is not showing in Outlook 2007 Vista SP1? The same user has Windows XP SP3 and Outlook 2003 and it works fine. Also I have another user using Outlook 2007 on Windows XP with no problems. Is there ...

Resolved! Custom EV Reports

All, I am using EV 8.0 and Have reporting Services (SQL and EV Reports) installed, If i need to run some adhoc reports other than the out of box Reports is there any tool from Evault or do i need to use the SQL Report Builder or SQL Queries

Resolved! Removing duplicate archive items in EV 8.0

Hi, Does anyone know how to remove duplicate archive emails from EV 8.0 without having to export the archive and using an Outlook tool to delete duplicates? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Daniella 

Enterprise vault how does it get the messages

Hello I have a call and need to answer a few questions. How does the email get from the exchage server to the enterprise vault server. I inow there is a service account and a outlook client so is that how it gets the messages, and does anything need ...

zenworksb by Level 4
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