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Resolved! Public Folders Exchange 2007/outlook 2007

Hi, I have a question i cant find the answer to. When installing and configuring EV on a Windows 2003/2008 server, installing outlook 2007 and the target exchange server is 2007. Is stil public folders required for forms? I know as long as outlook ...

Resolved! Archiving mail files

Hi, Can SEV archive mail from the file system ? If so, which mail formats are supported ? eml (rfc822 files), msg (Outlook format), others ? Thanks Rami

RamC by Level 2
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Centera installation

Ladies/Gentlemen, We are about to implement a cntera solution to our vault storage. Up till now we have been using SAN ATA disk. We are going to create a partition in the centera and start to use it leaving the old partitions in place for now. If in ...

OWA Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008

Hi there, a client is migrating their Exchange 2007 Servers (on Windows Server 2003) to servers on Windows Server 2008. Now, nobody thought about Enterprise Vault... I've upgraded to EV 8 SP1, the lastest and greatest. I have a problem connecting O...

Peable by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Newbie needs a few pointers

Please forgive my ignorance. I was given the job I'm currently in all of 4 days ago and hadn't even heard of Enterprise Vault until the lawyer stated that she cant retrieve files from it. After much probing I've figured out that the partition that EV...

Archiving strait to tapes

Hello everybody !! I have to crate file archive jobs with EV but there is a catch. This archive have to go strait from file LUN to tapes, without visiting secondary disk or LUN. I know it´s possible and I know some persons has done it, but I can´t f...

psaario by Level 3
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Archive Shuttle

Hay MichelZ, As you might know I now do not work for Symantec Anymore.  How can I get my hands on Archive Shuttle so that I can evaluate it and post the review up on Thanks a mill. Wayne

Wayne_Humphrey by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Abnormal content

Hi all, When I double click an achieved item, the message body display abnormal. Then I switch to use the browser search, the whole mail is showing in normal(see the attached file), but when I click ‘View whole item‘, result return to display abnorm...

Alex_Lau by Level 3
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FSAUtility limitation

Hello, to all I would like to know if the FSAUtility EV ver 8 has the same limitaion 100GB Restoration in one folder Does anyone know if it has the same limitation with prior versions thanks in advance George

GeorgeM by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Best practise regarding number of Index locations?

Hi. If I remember correctly the sizing recommendations has historically been that you should have one index location per 1.000 users with a minimum of 4 locations. This was later updated to "a minimum of 8 locations". This is now the only recomme...

Tobbe by Level 5
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Forum Posts

Does it seem annoying to anybody else that each reply to a post in this forum populates the subject with the first few words of the post in the case that it's left blank? In essence, isn't the subject of a reply the same as the original post?

AndrewB by Moderator
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Error in OWA

Hi for all: Peoples, i need a help. I ran the installation of agents for the OWA of CAS server, I performed all steps of the manual, but when I close an email in the status is accessible vaults. Someone can help me. Enterprise Vault Version=8. ...

PST Migration....

I have a very large question about this topic , basically where do i start? I have read over the differnt methods in the admin guide , but I find it doenst give me a clear enough picture of which way to proceed, it seems like a fairly long complex p...

EVault Reporting

Hi, I would like to implement Vault Reporting. Here my actual configuration: - 1 Vault server v2007SP4 - 1 SQL cluster server 2005 SP3 I've read this article explaining how to install reporting on Vault: