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Resolved! Where is 'my' EV8.0SP1 ??

Hello all, I am anxiously awaiting EV8.0SP1, but have not yet been able to locate it. I thought it was supposed to be released yesterday. Anyone got the link (if already available?) Thanks!! Gertjan

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Vault Deployment Scanner: SQL Server Reporting Services

I get this message during the Deployment Scanner: SQL01: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is not installed on this computer. I checked the server that has SQL installed, Start/Programs/Microsoft SQL Server 2005/Configuration Tools and I do ...

jlg by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 2007 SP5 or 8.0?

I'm running EV 2007 SP3. Should I bother with Enterprise Vault for Exchange 2007 SP5, or just wait a bit longer and go with 8.0? Is there anything with 2007 SP3 that I'll need to get onto SP5 in the short term? Any thoughts or opinions welcome! Re...

EDU by Level 4
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EV8 and Celerra Placeholder deletion

I am trying to get the Delete on Delete functionality to work on a Celerrra with EV 8. Placeholder creation is working fine and I see the EV process that scans the Celerra box (dhsm.log) to determine if Placeholders have been deleted but despite ther...

Alan_M by Level 6
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Resolved! Vault Based On Year

We currently are using vault 2007 sp2 for File System Archiving, and I have a vault store for a 2003 Windows File Server on which I am archiving 3 folders.  Currently we are backing this data up once a week, once a month and annually.  Vault has qui...

Persistant Connection value for EV Publishing

Hi, We have published EV to the Internet using Bluecoat firewall device. Bluecoat device is configured to route to one of the two servers. I am asked by the Network team, on the recomended Persistant connection value for the EV. I am not quite sur...

Resolved! Archiving Mail boxes

 Hi, I was jsut wondering if there was a way to report on Evaults progress on its archiving. There is about 100 mailboxes that it has in its queue set to archive. It is archiving them at about 12gb every 24 hours not sure if this is fast or slow. Is...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault shortcut size

may I determine in a mailbox total shortcuts size? I want to determine how shortcut affect mailbox size limit. often mailboxes reaches mailbox size limit despite enterprise vault automatically archive messages. thanks

Damb0 by Level 2
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Resolved! PST Migration with EV 8.0

I am new to EV 8.0 and we have not done any PST migration yet. We are wondering when a PST is migrated where does the emails from the PST now reside? I know they show up under the users mailbox, but is it now part of the Exchange DB? It would seem th...

Resolved! PST migration: change PST Holding Folder to NAS folder

Hi, I've defined a PST Holding folder on local drive. As this drive become to small, I want to change to NAS. Problem is that I can't browse to this type of network. Is there a solution to define UNC path to my NAS without using EV console. I've not...

Resolved! Problems Enabling Exchange 2007 mailboxes for archiving

Hi all, (EV2007 SP4, Exchange 2003/2007 Co-existence) I recently installed 2 new Exchange 2007 SCC mailbox Servers into my environment and have performed the following to get them to work with EV: (Used following online resource for pointers)http://...

Resolved! Move to File System in AE not Availible

Hi All I have a customer with EV 7.5 sp4 Within AE when you view files the option to Move to File System is greyed out ? Is this functionality still supported as I know that from EV 7.0 onwards certain AE functions aren't availble anymore If it is ...

Resolved! EV8.0 is not automatically archiving

Hi, I am new to EV .  Am using EV8.0 on Windows 2003 SP2 in a Windows 2003 Active Directory with Exchange 2003 environment.  i used the depolyment scanner before implementing EV8.  I set the schedule to always since i am only testing one mailbox w...

JoJoD by Level 3
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Resolved! EV8.0 SP1 already available?

Hello, I know it is april 1st and early in the morning (for US that is ;) ), but is EV8.0SP1 posted already? I seem to be not able to locate it. Thanks. Gertjan

GertjanA by Moderator
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SMTP Archival High Availability

 Hi, We have implemented SMTP archival solution based on EV 8.0. We have two SMTP archival servers, one in each DC. Both are configured to accept mails for the specic domains, the plan was to redirect to secondary SMTP archival server, when first on...

Enterprise Vault Training

Got Training??   Ask us today in this forum about our latest and greatest training offerings for Symantec Enterprise Vault.   It’s all designed to help you manage IT risk and operate with confidence in a connected world.  

rlucas by Level 3
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