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Can't manually archive another user's mailbox

Hey guys, This probably is a very simple problem, but I'm offsite so can't do any real testing at this stage and just wanted to get some ideas before I went down onsite. We've recently had an upgrade from Evault 6 sp4 to Evault 2007 and some of the...

Opening the vault search page for a specific archive

We have a need to provide a group of users access to a shared email archive (history of order confirmation emails sent to customers), however we would prefer to provide a URL that takes them to an enterprise search page with the specific vault alread...

Resolved! Upgrading SQL/EV

Hello all, Current situation EV2007SP2, SQL2000SP4 Planning in may/june EV8SP1, SQL2000SP4 Planning in september/october EV8SP2, SQL2008SP? (SP? = whatever is the latest SP) I know that if I move to SQL2005 now, I need  to run some SQL to update in...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Archive Task Failing on enabling a mailbox

Just created a new Archive task to a different server in the same domain as the Exchange server it's connecting to and followed the detailed permissions required for Exchange 2007. I've recently upgraded to 7.5 SP5 from SP3 with a few minor issues bu...

How can we improve your support experience?

Hi, If you've logged a case with support recently you will know that we send you an email pointing you to tech notes for common issues as well as asking you to run the deployment scanner to capture information about your environement.  So we have con...

Cab files Missing from Secondary Storage

we have a issue where the saveset information and cab file is in the database We cannot retrieve or view the attachments from secondary storage i've looked through the debug logs and can see it trying to retreive from which i've...

Cannot manually archive

 Hi Folks I seem to have an odd situation on my hands. To set the scene: Running Enterprise Vault 2007 SP5 on Windows 2003 Standard SP2 - Mailbox Archiving only, Exchange 2003. We were recently running perfectly on EV SP3 until what I suspect was ...

Resolved! What might have caused the add-in to be corrupt?

At some point, our CIO's archived attachments became unavailable.  Our Help Desk technician followed our Knowledgebase instructions and re-installed the add-in.  That fixed the problem.  However, now the CIO wants to know what caused to stop working ...

Resolved! Browser Search and Restore Limit of messages

Hi All I have a customer using EV7.5 SP4 .They will be using the Browser search to and then restore thousands of mail items to PST .When I select all items to restore a message appears that says " you have a limit of 5000 ITEMS that can be restored "...

Order for Deleting FSA target and vault question

Hello, new to EV and first post I having been testing EV8 and wondering what the order or steps are to cleanly delete FSA targets, volumes and folders and their associated vault(s) Within EV would I delete the folder, then volume then target  or ju...

Moving EV installation

Hi, I've got a request to move a EV installation from a physical server in to VMware. That in it self is no problem. But, installation is also wanted to be moved from C:\ default to D:\ is this even possible? And if is, anyone have any sugestions?

Resolved! EV8 backup rights

Hello. We recently upgraded from EV2007 (SP2) to EV8.0. There's a strange issue with setting backup states. In Vault Admin Console, upper right corner the logged-in user is properly listed as an Storage Administrator (as is specified in Authorizatio...

KalmerK by Level 2
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Resolved! No show in ArchiveExplorerUI of archived directories

Hi, I'm having problems with the Search-function of EV version 7.5. We already have mailarchiving running to our satisfaction, with the search options for every one. We are also able to archive directories, replacing the files with placeholders. But ...

Paultje by Level 3
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EV 8.0 Backup Issues

Hi Everyone, We have been running EV now for about 8 months and the vault partition has grown to about 250GB, which is making our backups fail/take a long time.  Has anyone got any recommendations about backing up EV as it is currently taking ages. ...

Resolved! Problem archiving one mail!!

I have a user that tried to archive a mail. Outlook 2003 and EV 7.5 SP5, the mail he tries to archive have en archiving icon on it and seems to be archiving. He can double click the mail and he gets a message saying. This mail is beeing archived, do ...