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HDD Provisioning

Hi, Im about to implement Enterprise Vault in our organization. May i know which will grow in the long run?  Is it the SQL databases or the Vault Store? Assuming i have 50 mailboxes to archive, how large should my hdd be? Your inputs will be very app...

joco_ph by Level 3
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EV and NetBackup users

Hello all,   I wanted to be sure as many people as possible saw this from the blogs section:     The Symantec Enterprise Vault and NetBack...

TonySterling by Moderator
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Resolved! EV 8 SP1

does anyone know when ev8 SP1 willbe available? Thanks.

rouute by Level 6
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Resolved! migrating to SQL 2005

Hi All, Our environment have EV, DA and CA, all the databases resided in SQL 2000 server. We been told to migrate all databases to SQL 2005 on a new hardware. Found an article regards to optimizing SQL 2005

Journaling task runs but doesn't vault anything.

Hi,   We are using Enterprise Vault 2007 v7.5. We set up a journaling mailbox but its not being vaulted. I already created a new task, a new policy, a new journal mailbox(both on exchange and in evadmin). I made a new vaultstore. Before creating the ...

Wim_De_Cat by Level 3
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EV Domain Migration

I have the scenario of doing a inter-forest migration. I have EV already in Domain 'A' and its archiving there with no issues. I have now configured a new archiving task for Domain 'B' with no issues. i know that moving the mailboxes after a user acc...

Resolved! Opening Archeved Items in secondary mailboxes

Hi,   We are having a small problem with EV2007 v7.5 on a exchange 2007. We have users who have full access on other users mailboxes. The right are correctly populated to the archives (checked this in the admin console). And in OWA or when opening th...

Resolved! Difference Éxchange Mailbox'and 'Shared'archive?

Hi, I'm trying to understand the difference between an 'Exchange mailbox' and 'Shared' archive (in EV8, but I guess this was already in pre-EV8 also). I mean, you can create a new 'Shared' archive, but you cannot create an 'Exchange mailbox' one. Are...

Resolved! Removing Empty Folders from Archive Explorer in EV v8.0

Hi All, Is there any way of removing empty folders from Archive Explorer immediately? In previous versions the Delete Empty Folders reg key used to do the trick found in this technote: In version 8 ...

Daniella by Level 4
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sql log size help

the evvsvaultsore database log file in sql is getting quite large while the database itself is only about 1/8 its size.   Is there a way to srink the transaction log file?   Scott

Resolved! Creating a new DataDomain Partition getting an Access Denied

Anyone have any thoughts for the following error messages generated when trying to create a new partition.  I have created other partitions successfully that weren't to a DD box, I was even able to create a DD type partition by faking it out with a w...

Korbyn by Level 5
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Resolved! Indexes for EV Journaling

EV 7.5 SP3 We have been using the journal feature of EV  for the past 3 years.  We have over 20+ indexes for the journal that are 20GB in size. Is there anyway to determine if all these indexes are still needed?   Thanks. Kathy

SP2 install now issues with MMC

I have a server running windows 2003 std sp2. Sp2 was just installed recently. The version of EV is 6.0 sp3   The install of sp2 took place recently. The issues i am having are linked to my mmc 1. the buttons for enabling users and disabling users ar...

FSA - New Volume error

Hi. I have installed the File Server Archiving agent on my File servers.  When I try to add a volume to one of the File servers, I get the following error... Nothing is logged in the event logs... Any ideas? EV 2007 V7.5 SP4   Thanks.

Murr38 by Level 4
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Resolved! OWA2003 and OWA2007 through ISA with EV

Hi, Having overcome the issue of OWA2007 extensions using the ExternalURL rather than the internal, I now find another issue! As we have a mix of Ex2003 and Ex2007 while we migrate our users over the next months we will be switching off our old Ex200...

DrDave by Level 4
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SMTP Archival of outgoing mails

 Hi, I want to understand, how can we setup archival mails sent by users to external domains? Currently SMTP archival is configured to accept mails for specific domain, and able to archive mails for those domains. All these mails are forwarded from S...

NTFS to Centerra migration

I haven't found any reference to the FTC migration tool since 6.0, is this no longer available in EV8, or is there some other supported mechanism to moving archives from NTFS volumes onto Centerra's?   K.

Korbyn by Level 5
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