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Resolved! Tip...How to configure a EV Mailbox Policy for Leaving Users

These steps may be used when a user leaves the company and that user's mailbox needs to be immediately archived.Zero Day Policy Creation1. Create a new policy a) Policy > Exchange > Mailbox > right-click and select New > Policy.b) Provide a name and ...

Sjaffry by Level 4
Accredited Certified
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Journal Backing up

Hello,Ok this is a bit crazy, my journal mailbox is backing up with pending items. Early this morning there was a 3230 Mapi error. So I removed the mapi profiles and restarted the task still nothing processing and the J2 queue was backed up also but ...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Archive stuck in marked for deletion state

Hi, I recently tried deleting an archive we were using for testing purposes and it appears to be stuck in the "marked for deletion" state.  I checked the event log and saw the event id 7113 which read "The following archive could not be deleted as it...

Resolved! How to merge duplicate entries in the EV directory?

For some reason I have a duplicated mailbox in the directory and when trying to enable this mailbox I get the error: "this mailbox has duplicate entries in the directory and cannot be processed". Looking at Archives/Exchange Mailbox I can indeep see ...

bdc by Level 4
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Resolved! why upgrade to Enterprise client 8.0 ?

Hello, I'm running an Exchange server 2003 with sp2 installed and we are using the Vault 8.0. We will be upgrading to Exchange 2007 in the very near future. All of the clients computers are running office 2003 with SP installed. We will not upgrade t...

Client Driven PST migration

Could you please help me with that? I want to test client driven PST migration. PST file attached to my Outlook profile and located to local HD. I have Outlook Adds On, created PST migration Task and enable my mailbox for PST migration. Restart Outlo...

Mambal by Level 4
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Outlook Add-in install flags?

Is it possible to set the Vault Cache during a silent install of the Outlook client add-in? Is there anyplace that lists all of the available install flags for the client add-in install? Thanks.

JDS300 by Level 2
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Resolved! Cannot enable some mailboxes: Error 0x80040115

We have a problem with 5 mailboxes that cannot be enabled, error 0x80040115. When looking in the FAQ it says to uncheck the permission for "Associated External Account"  but this applies to Exchange 2003(

bdc by Level 4
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SQL Database

i've two geographically separated datacenters, in each of them is running exchange 2007 services. the wan connection isn't that high, so i will have to put ev (each with its own site) in each of the datacenters also for sure. due to bandwith reasons,...

hipslu by Level 2
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Archive Explorer not showing File Archives

Hi AllI have an unusual problem .From my users desktops I can't see any file archives through AE .I can see the file archives through the integrated search  so the permissions are correct .I have deleted the temporary Internet File and Cookies on the...

Archive Explorer View

Hi Is there a way to remove a user from the AE view. His AD account has been deleted and all users have access to his exchange account ( full access ) , It's just annoying to see his mailbox appear on AE view. We runnign EV7 SP2 ThanksP

EV7 by Level 4
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