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Resolved! Enabling mailboxes in EV 8.0

Hello, As we plan a migration to EV 8 we also plan a re-architecture of our EV Site. My question is : Is there a was in EV 8 to specify that if a mailbox in on Exchange Server A when it is enabled , the mailbox archive should be on the EV Server A. M...

EV 6 to EV8 MIgration

Hey All- So I'm looking to do a migration from EV 6 to EV 8, using new hardware...I understand that this needs to be done incrementally, so ive got to go from 6 to 7 to 7.5, etc...I'm just curious if there are some documented procedures, or best prac...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault and VMWare ESX 3.5

We just configured EV8.0 on vmware esx 3.5 We noticed that manual archiving and the journaling are working extremely slow.  There are no errors in the Symantec Enterprise Vault event log, but it still is unrealistically slow. I know that virtualizat...

Client-driven PST issue

I've seen an unresolved post about an open issue with client-driven pst ingestion when it come to "Sharepoint Links.pst" files.  I didn't know until today either that when Outlook is linked to a SharePoint Calendar that it'll drop a PST on the machin...

Korbyn by Level 5
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How to report your Archive Rate

I just wanted to post this up since I know this comes up in discussion from time to time and also because I need to reference this "How to" in an upcoming survey we've got planned, looking at EV & Virtualisation. So I realise you can of course use EV...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
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Resolved! Delete message from Vault in EV 8

We have EV 8 running with 1 Exchange 2007 server.  Our users are in a provisioning group called "Unapproved users" for which the "Desktop Policy" does not have "Delete from Vault" enabled.   We have a separate provisioning group called "Administratio...

Resolved! Orphaned shortcuts not being removed

Hi. I have a scenario where we need to actually export the contents of users archives back to Exchange and delete it from the archive. The content that needs to be restored has been archived using a serverdriven PST migration that has left Shortcuts ...

Tobbe by Level 5
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Resolved! Weird EV messages with blank subject for some users

Hi, we have some users who use Apple Mail with EV and they get strange (nearly) blank messages, with a blank subject line, every few days: Subject:  Date: December 23, 2008 3:00:10 PM PST  Message-Id: <D325F772BEACFA4CAAD087712918FCD9018AF13443@EX0...

bdc by Level 4
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Recurring Outlook tasks...

Running EV 2000 sp4 for Exchange (2003 sp2). archiving everything except Calendar items... I haven't actually seen this, but a user has a task in Outlook that has been archived. Trying to modify or delete it fails with an error that the item/folder h...

SQL Reporting

Hi.I have EV 2007 v7.5 SP4 with SQL 2005 for the Databases. So I would like to grant permission to a group of users to access the SQL reports for Enterprise Vault. Does anyone know what permissions I need to set to allow them to browse / run reports?...

Murr38 by Level 4
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Resolved! Authorization Manager

Hi.I have EV 2007 v7.5 SP4I would like to delegate some control to the Help Desk - and have opened up Authorization Manager...but am unsure what tasks are best suited for that.Can anyone provide any insight?  Or point me at a Tech Article that might ...

Murr38 by Level 4
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Resolved! Tip...How to configure a EV Mailbox Policy for Leaving Users

These steps may be used when a user leaves the company and that user's mailbox needs to be immediately archived.Zero Day Policy Creation1. Create a new policy a) Policy > Exchange > Mailbox > right-click and select New > Policy.b) Provide a name and ...

Sjaffry by Level 4
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Journal Backing up

Hello,Ok this is a bit crazy, my journal mailbox is backing up with pending items. Early this morning there was a 3230 Mapi error. So I removed the mapi profiles and restarted the task still nothing processing and the J2 queue was backed up also but ...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Archive stuck in marked for deletion state

Hi, I recently tried deleting an archive we were using for testing purposes and it appears to be stuck in the "marked for deletion" state.  I checked the event log and saw the event id 7113 which read "The following archive could not be deleted as it...