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Can I install SEP & DLO in one Server?

Hi,We have following services. Now I want to install following both application in one virtual machine windows server 2012 r2. Can I install these applications in one server? And will it any trouble in future? Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 20SYMC...

Resolved! Fresh Installation (EV12) - error creating Vault Store

Hi @ll,It´s not my first installation of EV, but the first EV12. But i feel like its my first installation as an stone-age-man:After running the "Getting Started Wizard" and after Creating the VaultStoreGroup (successfully), I was not able to create ...

Manuel_L_ by Level 3
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Mailbox not vaulting

I have one user that I am attempting to vault.  When I first received the request, I added the user to the Windows sercurity provisioning group that added user to be provisioned for EV.  I then synced the mailbox and started the forced archive.  When...

dorlow1 by Level 3
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Licensing Issues with EV 11.0

Hi,Working on EV 11.0.1 CHF 5 on a VCS 6.1 Cluster with Windows Server 2012.For some reason, we are unable to add/create new Archive Points on new and existing volumes nor view existing Archive Points in VAC.Troubleshooting the issue with Technical S...

SMTP Journaling from another domain

Hi AllWe have EV12.1 in domain x with smtp archiving task running. I have targeted my Exchange journling (in domain y) to send to this smtp service in domain x in hope of it being able to journal messages into our new backend infrastructure. Messages...


have three EV servers where the partition data is on Isilon SMB shares. on EV11 hotfix4.page26 of compatibility guide has OneFS 7.1,7.2 as pending support for EV12. Why is this? Is this just for WORM support?any harm in upgrading to EV12 targeting th...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Resolved! Need a powershell script for SQL index Fragmentation

Hello All,Need Powershell script to find the Fragmentation details greater than 30% for a list of servers and the results needs to be exported in excel. We need this results over the email in HTML or CSV format.But I have referred to below link but i...

Chintu by Level 3
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Skype for Business Online archiving

Does anyone have any recent experience with archiving IMs from Skype for Business Online.  The current docs all reference "In place hold", but that feature is being removed by MS.  Looking for any methods, or 3rd party tools to replace the "in place ...

WiTSend by Level 6
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Resolved! Can't get backup pre or post scripts working quite right

OK, really strange issue and I have done some looking at other posts already as this is a common issue, but my symptoms are quite strange. (EV11)Created batch files that create archive bit files and calls powershell to set / unset backup mode on the ...

Slack by Level 4
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Hi Guys,Has anyone seen the EV12 Configuration Report tool?  Is there  a link we can get it from?Thanks, 

Fremont by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Run Time Error while installing EV Reporting

Hi,I am trying to install EV reporting, done with all the prerequisites but when i run the setup from server folder, it comes with a run time error - "  CreateTelemetryKey: Ended There has been an error installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 x86 run...

RyanH by Level 1
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Cannot restore an item due to a server error.

Hello,I have a customer who is trying to restore an item from a browser search.  She received the following error message when she clicks on the 'Restore' icon: 'Cannot restore an item due to a server error' . She is running Outlook 2007 SP3 and is u...

Limit access to Exchange Archvies to owner

Hi,is there the possibility to limit the access to all Exchange Archives to the Mailbox-owner (+ if needed addidtional EV Archive Permissions).Via policy there is the option to disable inherited permissions and disable folder permission sync. I need ...

Jakob by Level 5
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End of Life Support

According to:End of Support for Enterprise Vault Versions 11.x EOSS (End of Standard Support) was yesterday.  How does that impact those of us on EV11.0.1xxx  Does that mean we will be told to upgrade to EV12 wh...

WiTSend by Level 6
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