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Resolved! The item could not be download with error code

Hi all, We found that some user has faced a problems when open the archived email in outlook 2003 w/SP3. When they access some archived email (but not all the archived email), the following error has been display. The item could not be downloaded err...

PoorGuy by Level 4
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MsExchHomeServer attribute issue

We're getting an error importing Exchange mailbox users to our new EV 8.0 implementation.  I have discovered that the issue is related to the MsExchHomeServer value being returned for a number of our users as per this document below.http://seer.entsu...

Enterprise Vault for Domino Journaling

The feature list says that Enterprise Vault supports Domino Journaling for mail archiving.  Does it mean that journaling configuration provided by Domino server is utilized by Enterprise Vault? We could not find the Domino Journaling Task Properties ...

geeraj by Level 2
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EVPM archiving non-expired calendar items

All, I am attempting to archive all items in migrated PSTs.  Everything is working except for recurring calendar items.  This includes recurring calendar items that are expired and items that are still recurring. These items are NOT migrated via EVPM...

Resolved! EV 8.0 on windows 2008 x64 sp1 IIS problem

I have problem with deployment scanner which is saying that i should install hotfix (about which is also in compatibility guide), but I can't download it from that link - there is only for windows vista :(( Even after downloading it can't be installe...

Slawek_M by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Exporting back into Original mailbox giving multiple items

I am trying to restore users archived items back into their mailbox where the archive policy was incorrect and they were incorrectly added to a leavers policy. I.e 100% archived. However, when testing the operation against my mailbox I end up with so...

chaddy by Level 2
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Moving an Enterprise Vault Store

Hi I'm keen to know whether it is possible to move an Enterprise Vault Store form one server to a new one ?  If this is possible - what would be best practice? Many thannks in advance for sharing your wisdom RegardsC

S-E-E-D by Level 3
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EV Error

HelloWe are facing a problem with one of our client while opening archive mails of a client. For accessing any mail from the archive mails, it is not showing the full messages. Only some lines of the messages is getting display. Can anybody help me??...

Satvir by Level 3
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EV OWA web.config

Hi I am trying to get my users access to their email archives from outside the corporate network via OWA 2007. I have implemented an external DNS and done the necessary on the firewall to access the servers and when I type the URL for the servers I c...

RPC over HTTPS Proxy

Hi I have a little problem with my outlook clients. I have configured the option "RPC over HTTPS proxy" in my enterprise vault outlook advanced policy as spoken about in the following link Problem i...

Archiving mails

Hi GUys What happens if we have a policy to archive emails when a mailbox reaches 70% of its limit ( 100MB ). But currently the mailbox is sitting on 110MB ( this excludes any emails received in the last week ) does not archive items older than 1 wee...

EV7 by Level 4
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EV and Exchange critical patch MS09-003

Hello all, I was just wondering if the MS Exchange critical update MS09-003 posted last week has any impact on EV, specifically EV6.0. Apologies if this is has been answered elswhere, a search of the forums and knowledge base didn't reveal anything. ...

rms373 by Level 4
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Resolved! Eligible items for Exchange archiving.

Hello,For divers reasons I need to know which are the criteria ( mails properties, flags.... NOT EV Criteria like time quota,...) in order for an item to be eligible for archiving. We are using EV for Exchange, I don't think that the version plays an...

Resolved! Retrieval Task Error, EVENT ID 3176

Hey there Folks, some of my users are complaining that they can't open Items from Outlook, I find several corresponding Events in the EV Eventlog: Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Enterprise VaultEvent Category: Retrieval TaskEvent ID: 3176Date:  13.02...

HolgerM by Level 4
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Resolved! Existing archive shortcuts in PST...

We are getting ready to do some PST migrations and some of the users have moved archive shortcuts into .pst's for organization. What happens with the shortcuts when we migrate the contents of the .pst into the mailbox? Is the shortcut itself "archive...

BE 12.5 and EV 8 Backups - archive bit not resetting?

I'm not sure where the issue on this one lies so I will be cross posting in BE 12.5 and EV forums We have an EV 8 install and are using BE 12.5 to back it up. The job is set to reset the archive bit, however the archive bit is not reset. We are placi...

Resolved! Any issues with upgrading from EV 7.5 to 8.0?

I'm new to the EV world and I have a client that wants to upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0.  Before I give them my "blessing", I want to know about the issues anyone has incurred, fixes, patches, etc...  Please help! -Thanks!

Resolved! EV8 Outllok Add In

Hello Chaps, ANyone happen to know if there is a problem installing the EV8 Outlook Add In on a workstation running Windows 2000 SP4. Many thanks   Pat