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Storage Service

Hi, Does anyone know why I can't change the storage service for a particular store? I have added a new vault server and would like to change the Journaling store to use this, however without editing the SQL table I can't do this. Obviously the workar...

Unified Search?

I am deploying EV 7.5 with a single Exchange 2003 server. Lots of PST files as well as the regular mailboxes to archive. We have chosen to leave the message text behind with the shortcut. Regarding search, what is the best way to provide a unified se...

Resolved! MSMQ

Hi! I am on process to install EV 8 and run Deployment Scanner. This warning I received from MSMQ configuration "Either MSMQ is installed with Active Directory Integration or some storage directories are on a system drive. It is recommended that the ...

Mambal by Level 4
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Resolved! Mobile Search: EV 8

Does anyone have any information on the Mobile Search functionality that may or may not be available in EV 8? The marketing material states: "Access via Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices allows users on the go to search* and access to archived in...

EV8 Shortcut Processing (frequency)

Does anybody know if it is possible to increase the frequency of 'shortcut processing' ? Have briefly looked at EV8 and I misinterpreted the term 'dynamic shortcuts' - assumed it to be more dynamic than whenever the archiving task runs. Ideally we wo...

Jason_G by Level 4
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Corrupt Files on Bulk FSA recall on EV 6SP4

Hello, I have a customer who is trying to bulk recall all FSA items out of their vault (EV 6 SP4).  The file server is Windows 2003.  When recalling a large amount of files, some random Word and Excel files are corrupted.  Excel files kick an error t...

Office 2007

All, I've recently upgraded to EV 2007 SP4 and since the upgrade and subsequent client upgrade deployment via GPO.  All of our clients using Office 2007 have to disable the client extension to get any outlook functionality. Anybody seen this before?

Resolved! Question about OST files when using EV 2007

1. Are you able to create ost files on already archived mails?2. If you are able to create ost files... I guess these mails won't be archived by EV?3. How do I restrict creating OST for users? Is it possible?4. Will EV archive ost though we have rest...

MiaLid by Level 3
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Resolved! BUG in new OSIS model??

Hi, Last week I did an EV upgrade from EV2007SP3 to EV8.0 at one of my customers.Upgrade went fine without any issues. After the upgrade I also added file server archiving (I postponed this functionality because of the new OSIS modle in EV8.0 When I ...

RVD by Level 5
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Resolved! OWA Extensions

We have a remote office which only has 1 Exchange mailbox server.  In all of our other offices, we have at least 2 - a back-end server (mailbox) and front-end server (for OWA/bridgehead). In this particular office, if I was to install the EV OWA Exte...

Jason_G by Level 4
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Resolved! How is a EV Exchange license counted

Currently we have licensed our Exchange Archive for 400 users. But how does it count? Is it archived users or is it active users in our Active Directory?

Staun by Level 3
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Publising EV over an Hardware Firewall

Hi, We would like to publish the EV to Exch 2007 OWA over internet and we have an Hardware firewall(BlueCoa). Since all the documentation with reference to publishing EV talks only about configuring ISA, i am looking for configuration instructions in...

EV deploy on Domino702 issues

Hi, i have encountered an issue when deploy EV on domino 702 with HF589. After installing the EV2008, run evinstall.nsf in lotus admin, and there seems no error occurred. Then register a person with ev_mail8.ntf, logon notes client with this ID, all ...

Nick_huang by Not applicable
Employee Accredited
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PST migration

HI What will happen if we migrate the same PST twice. Will the archived email show twice in EV or once. RegardsP 

EV7 by Level 4
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FSA Query

All, I've just seen some unusual behaviour with FSA policies.I've created a FSA policy to archive on modified date of greater than 1 year.The policy is working fine except for one issue.When the created date of the file is more recent than the modifi...

Mark_Ludgate by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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EV 7.5 SP4 Site-to-Site DR scenario

Folks, Our production site consists of an MSCS 2 node EV cluster in an N+1 configuration. We have a seperate SQL 2005 MSCS cluster that supports our EV databases. We are planning a DR strategy to fail over our EV environment to a DR site which will m...

JSully981 by Level 2
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Enterprise Vault - DA - Basket Retores

Similar to another post on this forum, I am encountering Restore Failures when restoring under certain Users Profiles. The difference here is that I can do successful restores all day long under my credentials and even though I have tried to reproduc...

GregCOL by Level 3
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