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EV 8 create partitions and stores

Hi! I am new in EV practice and would like to receive advise for EV 8 implementation. Our company wants to install EV 8 and archive Mailboxes with PST migration, Public Folder and Journaling. Question is create stores and partitions. is in our situat...

Mambal by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 8 Archiving based on both Age and Free space

Hi, When archiving based on Age and Free Space, first the items are archived based on Age. If the amount of free space defined is not reached, it must continue archiving.Will the archiving process go through the Mailbox again or does it build a kind ...

Using Storage Snaphots for backing up EV 8.0

Hi all Looking for a little advice,  I'm about to implement EV 8.0 on some new SAN Storage.  I've been looking at backups and the various documentation out there and was looking for some opinions on what I'm planning. Database, Logs, Indexes, Vault S...

Resolved! CA XOsoft High Availability (WANsync)

Hi, does anyone know if the product WANsync (now named CA XOsoft High Availability) is supported in Enterprise Vault 8.0 ? I have 2 Exchange 2003 servers replicating using this software, but i cant find anywhere if the product will work and/or is sup...

Sluggo by Level 2
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Resolved! EV8 shortcut processing

I have a test system with EV8 installed.  I wanted to test the shortcut processing (keeping the items in the vault up-to-date with where the shortcuts are in the mailbox). I archived an item in the Inbox.  I then moved it to another folder.  After ma...

Faxson by Level 5
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Hidden Mailboxes

Is there a way to enable EV on Hidden Mailboxes. We have some users on long term leave and there mailbox shows in the Provision Group but when I go into the enable mailboxes I cannot find them

Deleting Archived Messages

I'm sure i've seen this setting Is it possible to configure EV so that when a user deletes a item that has been archied that it is removed from them But is still stored in the Enterprise Vault for future DA or CA searches.    

Enable User for PST migration

Hi Dont seemt o enable a user for pst migration. Cannot find the user when I choose by the username or last name, EV is not finding the user pls assist ThanksP

EV7 by Level 4
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Resolved! Changing the name of an archive

Hello,We are running EV 2007sp2 and utilizing FSA. I have multiple file servers to archive and on each server I have two volumes: Home and Shared data. When Creating the volume and the folder\ I am not seeing a way to adjust the entry to show which s...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Evault Upgrade 7.5 to 7.5 SP4

Hi, I am upgrading my evault 7.5 with no service packs to sp4 this weekend. Just checking to see if there is any suprises I should be aware of. I am assuming I wount have to upgrade my users outlook add-in its version 7.5.1250. Will there be any inpa...

EV Exchange Journaling errors in event log

 I am recieving a constant stream of these errors in my event log event id's 3009, and 3012 with the source as LoadPerf. Installing the performance counter strings for service EnterpriseVault::Exchange Journaling (EnterpriseVault::Exchange Journaling...

dand by Level 3
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Steps to remove EV 7.5?

I need help finding the right article for removing an EV 7.5 SP3 server.A server being decomissioned had EV uninstalled before the services or associated vault store were removed (it had no tasks). The server and vault store still up in VAC, but when...

Can you reorganize shortcut content?

We are in the beginning stages of deploying EV7.5 sp4. Users who use the autopreview function in Outlook complain because all the autopreview messages start with: "This message has been archived. Click here to view the original item

Advice in creating an effective archiving policy.

Hi All. Hoping for some advice in creating an effective policy that will help us reduce the size of people mailboxes more quickly. We currently have a policy set to archive all items over 90 days old but it's really not doing it quick enough to reduc...

Journal Archive Collector/Migrator Problem

I've recently noticed that our Journaling Partition Root Path Drive is running out of disk space, it seems the Collector/Migrator job is not moving items older than 3 months to the Archive path on the D: drive.When I initiate a manual collection by s...