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Resolved! Enterprise Vault collections and disk space reduction result

Hello all,I am having a problem with collection tasks.We have 2 vaults, one for Exchange mailbox data and one for fileshare data. I want to run collections on both to reduce the space as much as possible before closing those vaults off and creating n...

UBB by Level 2
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Archive export to PST problem!

I'm trying to export this user's archive in EV to PST. I looked at the PSTs afterward, and I found something strange. I set each PST to 600MB max. When I looked at one of the PSTs, I saw there were only six calendar items, and each is 85MB. However, ...

view size of your vault in outlook

Hi, I was wondering if, when the ev outlook add-in is installed, you could see the size of your vault in outlook like you can see the size of your mailbox? Thx,JB

JB22 by Level 5
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Resolved! Compliance Question...

I currently have archived all emails older than 6 months from Exchange with EV, and want to turn Journaling on, my question is how do I approach archiving the 6 months of emails that are between my archive and when my journal starts to put us in comp...

dand by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 8.0

Does anyone have a copy of EVRunbook for EV 8.0?   Judy Glazier

Resolved! Sizing Question

I've got 10 sites to archive across minimum 45Mbps links to a central location. There are approximately 2500 mailboxes. This is the approach because we're centralizing Exchange and do not wish to temporarily implement between 1 and 2 servers per site...

ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0 Web event 1309

I have been recieving this error for hte past few days after adding a user to the vault.. anyhelp here would be great. System is server 2003 Sp2 Standard, EV version 8, microsoft exchange. Thanks.  Event Type:    WarningEvent Source:    ASP.NET 2.0.5...

Resolved! Shortcut/Archived Item Sync

I know in 8.0, there is support for sync operations between the shortcut and the archived item. Is this retroactive to items archived before 8.0 was installed? One of the major problems we face with our current version is when shortcuts are moved fro...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault and IM Manager requirements

Hello,I am the PM for a communication platform that uses IM.  My customer and yours (a large bank) is in the process of switching over to EV. I've been informed that IM Manager is a required component for EV users that want to log instant msgs.   Can...

PivotDanJ by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV 8 Outlook add in

The current compatibility guide states that Outlook 2000 is supported however when attempting to run the MSI installer  for the Outlook add-in from the EV 8 install media an error message is generated saying that Outlook 2003 is required. Can anyone ...

Alan_M by Level 6
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Not Safe For Collection Part 2

Hi all. I saw the other thread on this topic and it was determined in that thread that DVSes were not safe for collection because they haven't been backed up yet. Well, my file have been backed up AND they are still not safe for collection. What give...

Resolved! Exchange 2007 permission question

I read the EV documentation, and it says that you have to modify the permission in ADSIEDIT.  I'm wondering if you can just assign the permission of the EV service account from the organization level in Exchange 2007. For example, assigning the EV se...

Resolved! EV8 Client

We have recently upgraded our EV2007 server to EV8 and have updated a couple of clients to the new EV8 Full Client.  We have noticed that everytime we open Outlook that the IE exceptions are been replaced with and EV-ITE and a...

Moving mailboxes between Exchange servers

We are using EV7 Sp1, and are trying to test moving mailboxes between Exchange servers.  The lab setup is one EVsite, two EV servers, and two Exch servers.  One to one model: EV server A with store A connecting to Exch server A, and EV server B with ...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Cannot create repot files in reports folder

Hello All, We are using file archiving. I was getting the reports successfully in \Enterprise Vault\Reports folder. I installed FSA Agent service to EV Server itself for EMC Celerra archiving. After than it doesn't create reports in reports folder wh...

koray_alkan by Level 4
Partner Certified
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