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Resolved! Upgrade and Hot Fix question

Hello,I am upgrading a single EV 10.0.4 server to version 11. I have the file Symantec_Enterprise_Vault_11_0_0R2_Win_Multilingual.ISO do I need to install CHF5 on top of this to be fully up to date with version 11?Thanks!

rnt123 by Level 5
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Replace stub with original message on all mailboxes

We are moving away from enterprise vault and have utilizied both journaling and mailbox archving with stubs.  In regards to the stubs, how can we replace the stub with the original message?  I don't want to restore any other items, just have the stub...

Standalone to Cluster (MSCS) Conversion on version 11

Hello Can you please let me know if I can use the Server Migration Wizard version 12 to perform this action. We've used it before on version 10 > version 10 to Standalone to Cluster.  The documentation for version 12 however keeps mentioning version ...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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migrating journal data

hi,i have a question;I have EV 11 and 7 TB journal backlog EV data. I am also using mbx archiving (we have SIS between journal and mbx archiving data) . we need to delete journal data . ı dont want to see journal targets in VAC . this is ok just righ...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! PST Migrate Wizard don´t use the right user

Hi,we have a seperate pst migration account to run the automated pst migrations.  It´s a seperate user because of compliance topics etc. This user is assigned to all pst migration tasks an the automated tasks works fine.In some cases the admin wan´t ...

Jakob by Level 5
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EV Search 11.0.1 HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Hello People!!We are working in a VCS Cluster 6.1 environment with EV 11.0.1 running on Windows Server 2012.While trying to search for items of a few archives belonging to a particular node, there is a 500 Internal Server Error.While following TN 000...

Resolved! Autovault folder behaviour

Hey guys,we are creating a so called "Vaultautoarchivefolder", this is a folder created in the mailbox of the user which has some policies over EVPM assigned, that each E-Mail will get immediately archived which is placed there.I have a question to t...

baschi by Level 4
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Failover / Disaster Recovery

I have 10 EV servers (5 running Mailbox archiving, and 1 for Journal Archiving, 3 FSA, and 1 SP Archiving).  I am configuring N+1 building blocks for recovering EV at our failover site should the need ever arise.  In planning, I'm just trying to dete...

New Podcast Available

Hi allI'm pleased to announce this week's II TEC podcast is available...Exploring OCR and Conversion with EV12 (13 mins)In this episode, II TEC’s Andre Steyn talks to Chris Ebner about the OCR and conversion feature in EV12, and shares details how it...

FSA Bulk Recall Slow / Queued - Stop process?

I am currently running a bulk recall of files through FSAUtility in order to migrate them to another server. The process has been running fine until last night when it appeared to stop migrating files.I am using the fsautility command with -t -s \\So...

No Delete Option in EV12 Search Result Pane

Hi All, I am seeing similar issue to what Sean is seeing. The difference is I am using EV12 SP1 brand new environment. All Search Policy and Search Provisioning Groups have been setup sorrectly. I can delete archived mails via deleting EV shortcuts e...