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PST files import in second Vault Archive

I want to enable a second vault archive that is closed by default. In here I want to import pst files which are extracted from old Lotus Notes environment. How can I make this accessible for my users who are already using an open archive that is set ...

How to purge EV journaled mailbox items

we are using EV 7 with journaling. we had journaled and journaling mailbox on the same Exchange 2003 store. Due to performance issue we moved the jounaling mailbox to other Exchange server. Now journaling task is running fine with new journaling mail...

Altaf by Level 3
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Secondary Storage

I've enabled secondary tape storage for my journaling which is working fine. But i'm needing to clarify something for the user mailboxes. We want to setup the EV so that after 45 days it goes to EV which is done. But we want anything that if older th...

Enable mailbox error "ConfigureMsgService"

Hi Guys,I have a provisioning group with 400 users aprox, initially I enable a couple of mailbox with problems but now when I try enable or disable a mailbox get the next errors:Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Enterprise VaultEvent Category: Agent Cli...

Daniel_R_ by Level 5
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Resolved! EVault 2007 - Automatic close / open of Vault Partitions

I have EV 2007 SP3 installed, and want to know if I can automatically limit the size of Vault partitions to say 250GB - and when this limit is reached a new partition be opened automatically ?  I can see references to this in the Forum, but cannot fi...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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Resolved! Licensing and Provisioining Groups question

Hello I am currently trying to sort out licensing for EV 7.0 with Symantec and have a couple of questions.  My Licencing portal details show that I have a EV 2007 license for PST migrator and for EV Mailbox Optimisation Advanced.  I need licensing fo...

RPC over HTTPS issue, EV7.0 Sp5

We have noticed an issue when our users try to open an archived item when they are connecting from outside our office using RPC over HTTPS. In an archived email, there is a link to "View the original message".  When inside our office or connected via...

DarhlT by Not applicable
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Moved or deleted prior to backup

Enterprise Vault 2007 SP4 When an e-mail has been archived, but it is still pending archive until the backup has run on the EV server, what would happen if the e-mail was moved or deleted before the backup finishes the archive process?  I ask because...

KThomas by Level 2
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Resolved! Installing reporting

Hello all, I've setup a vmware demo environment to be able to install reporting. 1 DC+Exch, 2 EV, 3 SQL, 4 FrontEnd, 5 WorkstationI have installed SQL2000SP4 with the corresponding reporting server.  I can access the default reporting webpage, which ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Enterprise Vault for Domino (Issues)

Hi, We have a Domino environment and have encountered a problem during a rollout of EV for Domino to the users. Archiving emails worked fine and everything was running really good when running POC. When trying to access the archived emails users are ...

Resolved! Vault store and partition?

So, a vault store is a SQL (or oracle) database and then you have a partition that points to a Centerra, external/local storage and etc. Which one actually holds the archived emails?  In addition, if you don't perform a backup of the partition, the s...

CA searches/results

I assisted a customer with a CA 5.1 SP4 to CA 6.0 SP4 upgrade in their test lab.  Once that was done, we upgraded from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.  CA was functioning properly and the existing departments, results, etc. were showing.  However, when a new s...

kinger24 by Level 3
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Resolved! No EV Icons or Buttons on default profile Outlook2007

Hi All, We are using EV2007 SP4 with Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007. We have been testing EV as we are in the process of migrating from Domino to Exchange, I have enabled a test user in EV and when i open the test profile on my machine i can see all ...

Orphaned PST chunks in the PST holding share

Hi, When testing client side PST migrations, I have noticed a small buildup of orphaned PST chunks in the PST holding share.  Client side PST migrations work fine, but occasionally PST's fail to migrate for various reasons.  This leaves the most rece...

Faxson by Level 5
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Shortcut deletion on just a single mailbox

I been running Enterprise Vault for about four years now WITHOUT storage expiry.  Needless to say the vault store is getting pretty large now.  I've been doing some tests on my mailbox (so not to mess up my other 300 users).  Under Archives\mailbox I...

Strange Public Folder permission issue

I have a user that is receiving a message saying "Your account does not have permission to the vault containing this item." I looked at the "Client Permissions" for that folder in the Exchange System Manager and the user is listed as an Owner on the ...