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Ready to Copy Status

Hi I have 100-150 users who are at ready to copy status , Is there faster way to change all status to migrate. No errors are seen when you go into the properties of the user. No migration has been recorded for ths PST under the history tab. Also ther...

EV7 by Level 4
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Domino Journal Setup Question

I have EV2007 SP3 installed. We want to test Domino Journaling. I have done all the steps for Domino Journaling except create the target. When I try to create the target I get a window that says "Failed to get the list of ID Files from the server. Ch...

Provisioning Error ?????

Hi All, I have just installed EV but have the following error when trying to run the provisioning task. Any Ideas ? The Exchange mailbox provisioning task failed during provisioning group processing. The task has stopped.Task: Exchange Provisioning T...

Resolved! Modified Date vs Archived Date

If we initially setup a policy for retention category based on the Archived Date.  After a month if we change that to Modified Date what will happen to the messages which are already archived? Ex 1: Based on Archived Date  Retention Period 5 years - ...

Narma by Level 3
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Resolved! Exchange archiving rates

I've read the "Enterprise Vault - Performance Guide - 286105.pdf" section on Exchange archiving rates. For a 4 CPU machine it says the rate (based on 70 KB messages) is 40,000. 40,000 per what? This is per hour, right? Thanks,Jeff

Problems with EV2007 SP and new Exchange mailbox store

Hello, Due to storage limitations, a client added a new mailbox store on their Exchange 2003 server, and moved several mailboxes to the new store. However, new mailboxes added to this store are not automatically enabled, even though the users are mem...

biosphere by Level 4
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Exchange 2003 and Domain Controller on one machine

Hi, ! experiencing a SHOWSTOPPER!  I know that it is not best practice to have an Exchange server installed on a DC, but this is the case at one my customers. Problem: When I want to add the Exchange server as a target, this is what I get: Adding dom...

RVD by Level 5
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Exchange for new storage group and moving mailbox

My exchange already set the EV and one information storage here. Now I need to create a new information in the same exchange (exchange2003 ent. version with sp and EV 7.0 Sp3) and move some mailbox to this storage. after move, the archived message ca...

GN by Level 2
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AE view not showing all folder list

AE view not showing sub-folders. ie Folder A is in outlook with archived emails but when going to AE view Folder A is not there. When doing advance search through outlook we find emails sitting in Folder A in archive, and we can see its in this folde...

EV7 by Level 4
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Consolidate Exchange servers and options for two EV sites

Hi, Looking to consolidate an Exchange environment and unsure of best way to approach the EV service. Current design is as follows: EV Site A, archives all mailboxes on Exchange server A.EV Site B, archives all mailboxes on Exchange server B. EV Site...

gladwc by Level 2
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Store Reporter and Exchange 2007

Hi AllHas anybody used the pre-sales tool ,Store Reporter ,on Exchange 2007 successfully .If so were there any specific configurations with the  account that you had to make ?Did it work the same as Exchange 2000/2003 analysis .I am using version 2.0...

Move the emails from TDP Backup to EV

We have our exchange backup done by IBM TDP client. Now we wants to move all the backup emails to Enterprise Vault.What is the bestway to do that ? We would like to have all the backup emails into one mailbox and archive that mailbox. Thank you.

Narma by Level 3
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