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Evault Backup mode scripting... Tough Question...

Here is our scenario: We have a large vault enviornment with 4x Vault servers and un-necessarily large amount of data. One of our Vault sites has 20TB of Vault Journaling and Indexing data. We also have 40 exchange servers (and the list goes on and o...

Moving large number of inactive archives

Hello all,For a customer we are planning a migration to a new EV platform. This customer has >20K of inactive archives that need to be preseved for a number of years. Looking at Enterprise Vault Move Archive Feature Overview, I see that moving an arc...

Archive EML/MSG Files into EV

Hi, With resent events where Enterprise vault .cloud being shutdown in South Africa we are now facing a huge task ahead of us, We need to know what would be the best way of rehydrating the EML’s that are presented to the client back into Enterprise V...

LanceMa by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault & Communigate

Hi,does anyone has expierences with archiving from Communigate server with EV?I want to evaluate if it can be used for Mailarchiving like  Exchange. 

CConsult by Moderator
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EV12.0.3 on 2012 Server. Search ASP Site error

Hello,i have Problems with Access the Search ASP Site on EV12. The Site is viewing but with error "Connection to Server not availible" i got no error on Eventlog. I cant open Emails etc. The Design is showing an the Mailboxes i have access. Error is ...

Thomas_L_ by Level 4
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Custom forms issue in Outlook via Citrix

Hi there,we are running an EV11 environment which is working quite fine. But especially for the users in Citrix we are receiving these custom forms complaints when trying to open archived items frequently.On local clients this often can be resolved b...

woelki by Level 4
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Disable Archiving on a Per User Basis

Hi All,Just wanted to check I am on the right path here.. We have a case where we would like a select few users to stop having their email auto archived after 30 days.  Am I right in thinking we need to do the following:  1) Create a new ' No Archive...

rycoombs by Level 3
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EV 12 sizing estimator and EMA

Hi all,I'm wondering what is the new official method of obtaining the updated EV sizing tools to use with EV 12?Cheers

Mouse by Moderator
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Evault 10 - Vault backup mode.

We are running evault 10. i suspect that out backup software has been running and backing up vault when backup was not set on the Vault stores or the indexs.I manually set the backup mode while the backup was running when i caught the issue tonight. ...

Indexing not happening for a single user

Hi,We have EV 11.0.1 on top of VCS 6.1 running on Windows 2012. We have around 10 EV servers for Mailbox Archiving, File System Archiving and SMTP Archiving.We have a user who is not able to search items in Search Vaults. He is able to open Search Va...

EV12.0.3 EVDatabaseUpgrader script fails on Audit DB

Getting the following when doing 12.03. upgrade from 12.0."EnterpriseVaultAudit The database needs to be upgraded from '' to ''.Error EnterpriseVaultAudit Database upgrade failed because of incompatible database versions.We upgraded...

Fremont by Level 5
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Resolved! FSA moved item retention?

ev12 retention folders: i archive a file and it shows up in ev search and i display the retention column and it's in windows explorer i move the file to another retention folder. it shows up in ev search and has the correct new (different...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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