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Resolved! Changing of Site Alias/URL in Enterprise Vault

Hi,We are working on EV11.0.1 on VCS 6.1. The Operating System is Windows 2012.There is a new peculiar requirement raised by the customer.It is pertaining to changing the Site Alias name; the URL that opens the EV Search window.Currently the URL read...

Versioninfo.xml missing

OK, I migrated an EV11.0.x to 12.0So far so good, DB were upgraded without any problem.Services started normally but, at one, the indexing stopped.Looking further in the event viewer I saw this An unexpected error has occurred.Error Summary: Indexing...

Index sizing and actuals

Hello all,I am in the middle of figuring out what the Index architecture will be for a new EV (11) platform. This platform will replace an existing EV platform (migrate).Looking through all the docs, incl. the estimator tools, the rule of thumb is "f...

EV archives items outside the configured Mailbox policy

Hello together, a customer is facing a strange behavior with mailbox archiving. The mailbox archiving tasks archives items outside the configured policy. Policy is configured to archive everything older than 90 days and only age based but the task ar...

Marcde by Moderator
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Resolved! EV error 41517

Anyone seen this error before?  Can't find much info on this one so any advice is appreciated! 

ev error.JPG

PST import question

Hello MembersCan anyone please let me know what all options are left with us if a manual pst import fails in between and it does not create shortcuts in the mailbox. I have observed that whenever it fails most of the data is migrated ot the archive b...

Resolved! SQL query

hiwe are on EV 9 sp4. I have the SQL query below. This gives me archive name and last time an archive was modified. I would like also to include the mbxalias info from the 'exchangemailboxentry' table. I believe i need to add a join query. Can anyone...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Caches has different count of Elements

We have EV Client Version is 10.1I have a User with two Laptops. Both of them have Vault Caches. But they have a different number  of Elements.One have 109124  with 49,3GBthe second have 109176 with 49,1 GBin his Archive are 107469. ...

Kai_8z by Level 3
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EV infrastructure on AWS?

Anyone seeing many customers move their EV infrastructure to AWS? We've seen a small amount of environments going the cloud route but doing a quick search here there is only one discussion:

dcVAST by Level 5
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EV 10.0.4 / Exchange Online / Public Folders (on-prem)

Hi to anyone who can help me....We are in the process of migrating our Exchange 2007 estate over to Exchange Online and have run into a problem, and I'm hoping someone on here can clarify it for me...We are finding that our users who have been migrat...

Tifosa by Level 4
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Deletion of folders within an archive

Hi,We are working in an environment with EV 11.0.1 CHF5 on VCS 6.1.We have undertaken a PST Migration Project and are encountering an issue.PST Migration here does not involve creation of shortcuts post migration; hence users will have to use "Search...


EV 11.0.1 EV Search - Strange behavior with large files

Hi,we have a strange behavior with the EV 11.0.1 Search. There're archived files with a size 4GB and more. If the file is 4,05 GB big in the EV Search the size displays about 50 MB. Is there a limitation of the used filetyp?Is there a workaround from...

Resolved! EV 11.0 Upgrade on DR

We are planning to upgrade our EV infrastructure from 10.0 to 11.0. The environment is as follows :-2 EV 10.0 physical servers (1Prod + 1 DR) both are in same EV site.2 SQL 2008 servers (1Prod + 1 DR) configured with DB mirroring.DR EV server does no...