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Enterprise Vault V10.x upgrade with Celerra marked vaultstore

We are looking to upgrade Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 (2 node Windows 2008 R2 Cluster) to Enterprise Vault 12.0.1 (2 node Windows 2012 R2 Cluster) for a customer.The vault stores where hosted on EMC Celerra volumes and show in EV as Celerra Volumes.They ...

mstinton by Level 3
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Resolved! EV9 - Network share verification - skip?

Hello all,I have an old static environment, where on one server the storage service does not start, due to the location not being available. The location is not necessary for the current static mode. Is it possible to 'skip' the check for this? Or sh...

GertjanA by Moderator
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User cannot select retention category

I would like to allow users to both select the retention category from the Outlook add-in dropdown when they're manually archiving an item as well as change an archived item's retention category once it's already been vaulted.I know there must be a p...

Outlook Plugin for 12.0

are there switches to not have Outlook restart automatically when installing the 12.0 plugin? we are pushing it out with SCCM 2012. ThanksPat

SQL query split over two server

Hi All,I need to run the following script USE VaultStoreDatabaseSELECT AV.ArchiveName, vAP.ArchivedItemsFROM view_ArchivePoint vAP INNER JOINEnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.ArchiveView AV ON AV.VaultEntryId = vAP.ArchivePointIdORDER BY ArchivedItems ASC...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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Create shared archive according a text file

Hello thereHas anyone an idea, if it will be possible to create shared archives from a text file with EVPM.I have a list with approximate 1000 archive names. Would like to create the shared archives automatically.The EV Server has version 11.0.1.Many...

Forol by Level 5
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Enterprise Vualt 11.0.1 upgradation issue

We have upgraded enterprise vault 10.0.4 to 11.0.1 and then immediately install this cumulative hotfix 2 without upgrading enterprise vault databases by mistake.Now we are running EVDatabaseUpgrader.exe. But it’s giving error version mismatch between...

Anyone archiving Exchange 2013 CU13?

HiUsing EV 11.0.1 chf2 and maybe having some archiving performance issues, logged with support and they correctly noted Exchange 2013 CU13 is still pending support.I just want to garner any community feedback.Thanks

Elio_C by Level 6
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Resolved! EV11.0.1 - Index Server Groups

Hello all,4 Indexing servers in 1 ISG. 12 EV archiving servers, only performing Journal Archiving.I have not designed/build this environment.Is it expected to see 2 of the 4 servers getting lots of indexes, and 2 almost none? I thought that using an ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Migrating Public Folder Archives

Hi AllI just want to confirm with EV 11 upwards there is no way to migrate Public Folder archives between different VS on the  same EV server unless you restore the data back to Exchange and retarget the Public Folder archiving to new PF archives in ...

Apply new domain permissions to archives

have about 300 archives that have proper permissions for current domain users. archives are read only no new archiving. changing domains so those 300 users will have new accouts to authenticate with when using search. what is the best way to apply th...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Archiving Exchange Mailboxes via WAN from DR site

 Hi, (once again)We are using Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 CHF5 on a VCS Cluster.We have built 2 Clusters one for Exchange Mailbox Archiving (Exchange 2013) and the other for FSA and SMTP Journaling with a common SQL Server.We are planning to do a DR Dril...

Behaviour of Internet Shortcut Links

Hi,We are using FSA with Enterprise 11.0.1 on a VCS Cluster.At the moment for FSA we are creating Placeholders. We had certain issues with them which have been resolved. The problem now is the DR drill. Customer is using Microsoft DFSR to replicate F...

Using 2 EV server on 1 Outlook

Hi All,Without migrating the EV, is it possible to restore old email from old EV server.I sitll can restore from the Web URL, but user want to restore from the Outlook client, is it possible to setup ? Thanks 

Resolved! 11.0.1 CHF5 - Enterprise Vault Search folder

Hello,Does anyone know what the Enterprise Vault Search Folders, and the subfolders underneath (Initial Trawl, Initial Trawl with Pending and Journal Parts) are ment to do? (target is Exchange 2013 Jnl mailboxes)I have some large mailboxes with many ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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EV.Cloud in Canada

Wondering if there is a road map or date for EV Cloud going live in Canadian Data CentersAnd if not does anyone have a Canadian Journaling option