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Exchange 2007 SP1

Hi,I am running EV 7.5 on exchange 2007.  Is there any issues that may I face if I installed Exchange 2007 SP1? On the OWA ( CAS in exchange 2007), I am running the EV 7.5 on the CAS with no problems, If I added another CAS as a cluster, Am I going t...

Message Class is only "IPM"

All, Anyone came across when messages are copied from PST to Exchange Inbox, the message type became "IPM" message class?  There's no extension behind.  Cheers,Boon Cheng

Error: Outlook Add-In cannot be installed per-user

I'm getting a few clients getting this message when launching outlook. Their IT admin deployed the client via an AD GPO."Symantec Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In cannot be installed per-user."Any clues? I tried the search but came up with nothing rel...

DCOM errors when opening vaulted items

Exchange 2003Outlook 11Vault 7000200000Previous case 320-077-386 For users who do not have debug rights on the client machine, events of the form below are generated when a vaulted item is opened.Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: DCOMEvent Category: Non...

kentb0 by Level 2
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DCom vs Lite

Is there documentation out there that discusses the differences between these two Outlook client versions? Our main concern is the ports required for DCom, but a list of capabilities of each would be nice. Thanks. Aaron CuoioState of Washington DIS

FSAutility - Need help!

I'm trying to use FSAutility but it seems to be flaky. I've tried the -d command to move the items to a different location, and also tried it without the -d command, and it doesn't work either way. Here's the command I use: fsautility -t -s \\server1...

Mike_P by Level 4
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OWA not working after upgrade 7.0 to 7.5

Hi All,I have upgraded EV 7.0 SP2 to 7.5 SP1 at a customer. the OWA interface worked fine untill the upgrade.then users get the famous errors:"the items is currently unavailable. click here to view the archived item."then we are getting error 401 : u...

payoun by Level 4
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Mailbox archive enabled problem

Hi guys, We try to provision 10 users for mailbox archive. Users added into the provisioning group, and we would like to have it enable  automatically by EV. But we noticed that only ONE user was mail archived enabled but not the rest of users.We che...

EricYCK by Level 4
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Restoring placeholder from Netapp snapshot

I am getting an access denied when I try to go into my netapp snapshot and restore a directory that contains EV placeholders.  The reason I believe is that the snapshot is read-only and when i try to copy the stuff out of the snapshot, EV will try to...

Resolved! how to create a new index set

My index set has gotten too large (it needed to be rebuilt and took a while because it is so large) for my Journal store.  Is there a way to roll over to a new index set without creatinf a new journal partition? I am using EV 6 sp4.

New Installation of EV v7.5

Hey all, Could do with a little troubleshooting with our new install of EV within our organisation please guys. Installation went fine and Deployment Scanner reported all ok. There is a seperate account for EV that is currently working as expected an...

Popolou by Level 4
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EV2007 Client German Version

Hello everybody!We succesfull upgraded our EV-Server to Version 2007 SP1. Now I am testing the new Outlook Add-In and there is a problem with the german version.When outlook is offline the archive explorer shows left hand strange information (above t...

Weasel by Level 5
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EV 7.0 + Mail Security for Exchange

Hello Folks,I have finally begun my EV project, and I have noticed an issue between the current mail security product installed on my Exchange server (refer to the subject line for product version details) and the EV archival processes that dramatica...

Want to change user permission!

Want to change user mailbox permission in AD  it takes hours (up to 24 hours) for the vault for user can appear in archive explorer of the user.Is there a way to run the AD sync manually?

Sync EV System Mailbox

Hi, Couple of days ago i modified Description in EV System Mailbox Account after restart EV services i got the next error:There was a problem accessing a network service or resource. The dispenser will re-queue the current item and sleep for 10 minut...

Daniel_R_ by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Problem with Outlook Search

Hi ,I have some users that when they client the search button Internet Explorer open in a new Windows and we can search the archive howeven the user can not open and returned mail messages.Enterprise Vault V2007 SP1Any ideas would be appreciated.Rega...

Mark_Ludgate by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Grant rights to all archives?

Hi all!This might be a stupid question but I have a customer how have implemented EV in an pilot test and they are not showing any icons or menus to the user. Instead they want to be able to help user via Archive Explorer to restore mails to users. F...