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client driven pst migration

Hello, can someone maybe help out. I'm trying to activate the client driven PST migration.  But nothing seems to happen. I've activated a mailbox for archiving and on that mailbox i've enabled the client driven methode. I received a mail in the mailb...

adnila1 by Level 3
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EV with HCAP

Hi, We are using HCAP 2.0 as storage for EV.Our configuration as below: 01) Deletion Behaviour for Outlook & OWA for all Archival Policies = Both02) EV Site Settings: Allow deletion of archived items. Allow recovery of deleted items. Keep for 99days0...

EricYCK by Level 4
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The status of archive task completion

Hi guys, We noticed that there is a log in event viewer when the EV archive task schedule start to run, but there is no log or message for completion of EV archive task. Anyone have ideal where or how can we get more detail information of these. rega...

EricYCK by Level 4
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OWA not working with EV7SP1

I am having issues with OWA 2003 and "Search Archives" and "AE" only on one of our three exchange servers using EV 7SP1. The message I get when I click on either "Search Archives" or "AE" is this: "Reason: Unable to determine a web app url for vault ...

Error Loading Archived Attachments

I have a user that can't open any archived attachments from his local Outlook client. It looks like a local issue since everything works fine if he uses another machine. When he opens the shortcut he sees the error "There was an error loading this it...

Resolved! Not safe for collection

I am trying to get the collection process to work on our evault 6.0 but when I dtrace it I get the following for each and every file:45280    16:08:44.674     [2708]    (StorageFileWatch)    <3380>    EV:M    The Collector for Partition 1AEB7EBAB85C4...

jpesenti by Level 2
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Mailbox & PST Migration - Duplicate shortcuts

We're running EV 2007 R1 with Exchange 2003 SP2. I'm just beginning to roll this out a handful of selected pilot users.  I have an instance or two of the same message appearing in duplicate or triplicate once their PST files have been migrated into E...

jpriddy by Level 4
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Resolved! Archiving Policy strategy locked

Hi all,the attached screen shot doesn't really show it but the lock tick box is greyed out, anyone know if i can remove this so i stop email of a certain age getting vaulted automatically?? Thanks 

Exchange Store not shrinking

I run EV 7.0 for Exchange. I archived 100GB of a 200Gb store and then did a backups of SQL and Exchange. I expected the store size to shrink. It has not. Am I missing something?

One user has admin permissions

I have one user who is able to view all archives that the vault account has rights to. I have checked Active Directory, and can find no references to the admin account in her account and vice versa. Is there a tool to see what rights a user account h...

Archive Usage Limits

We are currently keeping everything forever, and would like to know some details about using archive usage limits.  Specifically, what will happen if a user's archive is 2GB and we set the limit to 1GB?  Will it just stop archiving any more data, or ...

FSA bulk restore using fsautility.exe

Hi All,I am using EV7.5 SP1. I am testing the fsautility for a bulk restore of hundreds placeholders.the syntax used is : fsautility /t -s \\fileserver\\shares\folder *.*but nothing happens. did i miss something ?Thanks,Peter

payoun by Level 4
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Vault Error

Hi, I have a user at my organisation who is receiving the following error when trying to access some archivedmail items: "Could not show this item .... The item is no longer in the vault" The stubs she receives the error on have been moved to an outl...

Xavier_2 by Not applicable
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Decipher VSVerify Report

Hey Y'all, I need some help with figuring out these reports... We have loads of corrupt data and I need to be able to explain the reports. E:\Enterprise Vault Stores\WSGR PA Ptn5\2006\02\07\19\991000000000000~200602071908350000~0.DVS 991000000000000~...

Unable to Search Employee-Type

We have started adding information into the EmployeeType attribute in Active Directory. I am trying to search this field in order to do a "Run Now" Archive. But is never returns any accounts. I have verified the attribute is populated on some account...

owauser.wsf switches

Hi.I'm setting up a few new Exchange 2007 servers that will be archived using the same EV 2007 servers that currently are handling the existing Exchange 2000 servers. Both Exchange environments will coexist for a while which means that both archiving...

Tobbe by Level 5
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