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Resolved! Remove an Exchange server

HiI'm trying to follow to remove a redundent Exchange server however the query in Step 1 returns a large number of 'old' mailboxes.The mailboxes are leavers, migrated accounts etc.. and there ar...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Server settings migration wizard failure

Hello,I have been attempting to migrate our EV 11.0.1 physical server to a virtual machine running server 2012 with EV 12 on it.  Our migration attempt the other night was unsuccessful and so far, Veritas support has been unable to figure out what th...

Eric911 by Level 3
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Podcasts - Direct links to download

Hi allI’ve been asked by a number of you to provide direct links to the podcasts, rather than the RSS Feed.   While it’s obviously beneficial to subscribe to the feed so you get the new podcasts automatically, I realise some of you would prefer acces...

Backup mode on index location

Hi All,i need help to address a question from a customer, if the index location are set in backup mode, the archiving task will be worked, (scheduled mailbox archiving task and manual user archive) ?the VaultStore will be not backupped because are on...

Resolved! Update Retention Category for FSA

Hi Guys,Is there a way to change Retention Category (RC) on an FSA archived item by moving its placeholder to a different folder wiht a different RC - similar to what you can do in Exchange archiving (Moved/Existing items tab of mbx policy)?I can't s...

Fremont by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Evault 10, Find out if a mailbox is archived

Simple Question. Using the EVault 10 admin console, how can i find a mailboxes archive? I expected to see a search box or something when looking at: EV >> Archives >> Exchange Mailboxes >> Groups of archived mailboxes. Thanks, Robert

Resolved! Question on PST ingestion to deleted user account

Hi AllI have a customer with the following issue They have users who have left the company, the Users AD account and Exchange mailbox have  been deleted but the EV archive is active and has not been deletedWe want to ingest old PST associated with th...

Resolved! EV 12 and e-mail's embedded image OCR

Hi All,please, let me know, if he EV 12 can OCR also images pasted as visible image inside e-mail body, or only attachments?Best Regards,Chris

KrisG by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Evault 10.0.4 to Evault 12.0.01 upgrade

Hey Team,We need to upgrade our rather large evault enviornment from 10.0.4 to 12.0.01. Currently we're running Windows 2008 R2. I would like to get an idea as to how difficult this process would be. Here is what we want to do:1) Upgrade/Migrate to W...

without access to old mail located in different storage

we have 600 users and migration of moving old email to a cheaper storage was applied, but now we need to get the mail that has over 3 years when stored is asking username and password to these emails, the store is on the same server EV 11.0.1 CHF 5, ...

gilito80mx by Level 4
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Migrating Data including EV Placeholders

Hi,I could do with some guidance on the correct way to move company data from one file server to a new file server.. Here is my scenario..Source data Old file server\paragonTarget data new file server\data\CLLMy EV environment is version 11.01 both o...

EV SQL Query - Find File Archive UNC path

Hi All I am trying to find the full UNC path for an EV file archive target as they differ in that some File server addresses need to be capitalised etc and I need to be 100% correct when retrieving this so I can use the correct target in FSAUtility. ...

Event ID List?

Hi All, Does anyone have the full list of Enterprise Vault Event ID's?I'd love to get hold ot it.Thanks