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Vault store not archiving

Hello all, I have one vault store which is not archiving any longer.  The users mailbox is still able to access all the items that were archived up to August 2006.  But nothing has archived since then. I am unable to see the EV tools when I am logged...

Offline Vault sync - global settings..

I'm sitting with a rather annoying problem...As it is now, we are using offline vaults so people can syncronize that and have a local copy... The problem is that the use has to manually themselves enable the offline vault setting in their outlook and...

ISA 2006 and EV 2007 help

I'm trying to get EV 2007 working with ISA 2006.  The archive, restore and cancel functions of EV all work as expected, but Archive Explorer and Search Archives do not.Whenever I select either of those buttons in OWA, it attempts to open a link to ht...

Enterprise Vault User Extensions

Server Setup:MS-Windows Server 2003 Standard EditionSymantec Enterprise Vault 7.5 Client Setup:MS-Windows XP ProMS-Office 2003 Problem:On the client system I have installed the 'Symantec Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In' but can not access the Vault f...

tscollins by Not applicable
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Index Service Stops saying the username/password is wrong

I have configured the service with same service account username/password for two years.  I upgraded to 7.0 Sp1 - Things will work for about ten hours then I receive an error in the event log saying the username/password is correct.  What is going on...

MikeDD by Not applicable
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Outlook icons missing when Admin Console is installed

I have seen this twice recently and am hoping someone might know where to point me.After the EV Admin Console is installed on an EV Admin's desktop, their EV icons in Outlook no longer show up.  Prior to the console installed they were there, and aft...

SHI-CRO by Level 6
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EV is locating item - timed out

We have EV 6.0 SP3, and use the lite client - one user is able to retrieve some items from the vault without problems. However for some other items, she gets the message 'Enterprise Vault is locating the item..... timed out'.User ha...

Atul_R by Level 4
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Exchange 5.5 Migration with EV questions(again)

Dear all,we are facing a very unhappy situation were a migration from EX5.5 to EX2007 has been sold; this task has been sold with the help of EV. I know that a inplace migration for a EX5.5 to 2000/2003 works well even with Mails already archived on ...


I am sure someone here can help with this. I woiuld like a folder to be created for all my users in Outlook that would also not be set to archieve. Can this be done via EV? If not any suggestions on how to do this?

EV 2007 - Reporting

Hi to all,I want to have reports using EV Reporting for the following:Report by attachment type and size. I mean:100 mails with *.mp3 attachments. Total size 200MB.50 mails with *.doc attachments. Total size 50MB.Etc, etc.....Is this possible?Thank y...

ggeorgi by Level 5
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V7 SP3 arrives......

As well as letting you know V7 SP3 is now available, we thought you'd like to know about the EV Product team Blog which has just launched, you can find out how to get hold of SP3 plus other useful information at the following location. https://forums...

EV_Guys by Level 3
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OWA & Enterprise Vault Archive Explorer

I'm facing a strange behaviour while using OWA 2007 connecting to the Archive Explorer. When possible I would like to ask all of you if you have seen this behaviour and even more nice would be if you know how to solve it. The computer I am working on...

SlowFox by Level 3
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SQL Backup Issues

I just installed EV 2007 in my lab, trying to get familiar with it before production install in January. Archiving seems to be working.  Emails in the mailboxes are "Pending Archive", and I read that they are in the state because a backup has not bee...

EV Ports and Protocols?

Hi,Does anyone have the official firewall port sheet for EV handy? We're configuring a new VPN solution and need to provide the subnets, ports, and protocols required for EV. We have both DCOM and HTTP clients being used.I'm sort of expecting 80/443 ...

Resolved! Multiple Exchange sites

Hi,I have an single exchange org with three exchange servers all on different sites. Can I have one EV server in one central location archiving from each exchange server to the central location (bandwidth permitting)? Or do I need to have an EV serve...

Celtic by Level 5
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V6.0sp4 Services won't start following server reboot

We have had to reboot our server and now the EV services won't start. They say "Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion" Server is Win2003 SP2 and has been running fine for some time. No updates wer...