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Resolved! EV extensions via OWA failing but only via converged FQDN

Hello, I am trying to figure out a problem with an environment I'm working on whereby Ev extensions are failing to display in OWA but only when I access using the owa.domain.etc FQDN If I hit each CAS individually via cas1.domain.etc, or cas2.domain...

Rem_y by Level 4
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EV11 Search Slow to Open

We did an upgrade from EV 10 SP3 to EV11.0.1 CHF4 (Windows 2008R2 Datacentre).  I have enabled the new search for myself.  When I first click Seach Vaults in the EV ribbon (EV11 CHF4 Outlook addin, with Outlook 2013) it takes 3 mins to open, then is ...

Sortid by Level 6
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Export to .pst

Hi all. I try to export mailbox from EV to a .pst file. It's possible to export only the "original" email and not the link? I opened the pst file with outlook and I have a lot of link (and those didn't course!). Thanks G...

Levante27 by Not applicable
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Archive Certain users outside of scheduled time

Hi All, We have a few EV users who have large mailboxes due to some issues we expereniced. What we want to do is archive those users outside of the archiving schedule allowing those users to catch up.   Now I know that we can perform a Run Now com...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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Move EV and SQL to new domain

was reading through to move EV to a new domain. when you are m...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Retrieval fails (permissions) but restore succeeds

Hello, Does anyone know why I'd see the following behaviour and can perhaps help me understand what's going on? At a basic level, shortcut retrieval is failing but restores succeed EV12, Exchange 2013 CU11 The error (Event log and DTrace of retrie...

Rem_y by Level 4
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Resolved! SQL query check users oldest and youngest item

Hi All, I jave a large EV enviroment and we are wanting to check the oldest archived item and youngest archived item for the users but we have multipal vault store and each vault store represents different offices.  I was wondering is it is possibl...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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FSA Task doesn't process files

Vault version is   I have 2 tasks that will not process target files.  I've been running the same tasks for 18 months and they had worked fine up until now.  Both targets are on the same Netapp filer and I have other tasks that are not h...

Archives not opening

Hi All, We have just deployed EV CHF4 for Fileserver archiving (windows 2008 R2 ent sp1 with MS Cluster failover), when tried to open archive files by clicking on the placeholders files couldn't get open and displaying "couldn't find the f...

chetan_k by Level 2
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EV12 EVS - Select more than 200 results?

Hi All, Is it possible to increase the default limit of being able to select no more than 200 items within the EVS search result window? The desired result is to be able select large lists of messages to 'copy to archive'. Regards, Nathan.

Resolved! EV - Event Viewer Access Denied (new license)

Hi,   I have a problem with the Eventlog of Enterprise Vault. When I try to open the "Application..:" "Enterprise Vault" Log in Event viewer I get "Acces denied (5)" This first occured when we have upgraded the license file.   Kind regards

CConsult by Moderator
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Archiving Rule

Hi  Team, We  configured  quota  based  archiving , we found  mailbox processed  under this policy  archived  new email also. Also skipped  attachments. Please  provide  more explanation on  this .   Regards P Katakdound  

pkatakdound by Level 5
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EV 11 and Office Web App issues (OWA)

Hi We just recently added Exchange 2016 into an existing EV 11 system. The plan is to move all users over to this eventually. The existing environment (Exchange 2010) is working perfectly, both internal archiving and OWA Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 ch...

Support for SQL 2012 AlwaysOn availability groups

Hi All   The EV 12 documentation says the informataion below , does this mean  SQL AlwaysOn is fully supported on EV 12?   Support for SQL 2012 AlwaysOn availability groups, and failover cluster instances SQL Server 2012 introduced two new high ...

Resolved! Windows 10 EV Client

Hi all, I am running EV on my environment and i got a few Windows 10 users.  I know only EV version 11.0.0 and above can support Windows 10 client 1. Where can i get the latest EV client installation file without upgrading my current EV...

ahtshun by Level 4
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EV 11 Cumulative Hotfix question

Hi All, We recently upgraded EV 10 to EV 11 and I'd like to install Cumulative Hotfix 5.   Kind of a stupid question but I'm assuming I don't have to install 1-4 first, correct?  Also, are there any issues with Hotfix 5? Thanks!

jmarg76 by Level 3
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No access to ExchangeArchivingReports.aspx with new VSA

Hello together,  we are facing a problem in an environment where the vsa got changed recently.  Customer is unable to access the exchange archiving reports with the new vsa.  When accessing the reports over the mentioned url with the old vsa we ar...

Marcde by Moderator
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