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OWA Forms Registration

I work in an environment that isn't that typical, we have OWA servers in two different locations, A and B. We will be migrating from A to B and need to get the forms registered on B's servers. Unfortunately, I tried to install it on B and the KVS fo...

Admin Service Wont Start

Hello thereToday ive ran into a problem with the Admin Service refusing to start. Not had a problem like this before, ive got nothing in the event logs which would suggest why this is happening so its a little difficult to work out why this is happen...

Outlook Problem

I'm using Enterprise Vault 6 and have an issue with archiving large mailboxes.When a user who has a lot of mail is archived their Outlook slows down to a state where it almost does not respond. This seems to happen just after the backup job for Enter...

Exchange Active Sync not working after EV install

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed problems with Exchange Active Sync no longer working after configuring Exchange archiving with EV? It's too much of a coincidence that my users can no longer sync with their pda's (treo and windows mobile) n...

RPS Server unavailable (EV 6.0 SP3)

Hello,since a few hours, our EV Server does not show any items in "Archive Explorer" or "Search vaults" The Search site does not appear, and in Archive Explorer it does work until I am finally click on an archived message.In Eventlog is the follwing ...

Deleting folders

Hi,I know now how to delete archived email but how can i delete the folder where this deleted email was stored?

RPC/HTTP issues

I've followed the documentation to enable rpc/http access with EV 7.0sp1 (owa and rpc server extensions). I can log onto my test mailbox fine via rpc/http and also see the items that have been archived. The problem is when I double-click on an archiv...

Cannot see OWA2003 buttons

I've completed installing/configuring EV 7.0sp1 and Exchange mail archiving. Everything looks to be working well except for a couple of issues:I�ve gone through and followed the documentation for installing/configuring owa extensions on a backend exc...

Resolved! DVS Checker

Does anyone know where I can find any documentation on the DVS Checker? I searched the knowledge base but came up empty. TIAMessage was edited by: Harry Maroudas

Service Packs are now available

EV 5.0 SP7 EV 6.0 SP4 EV 6.0 SP4 ReadMe EV 7.0 SP1 EV 7.0 SP1 Readme http://support....

Kopfjager by Level 5
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Any 6 to 7 Upgrade Experiences Yet?

All:I was wondering if anyone has upgraded from EV 6 to 7 yet and could share with us what you observed? Is it straightforward? Difficult? Gotchas? How much effort did it take? Any risks you see?Thanks ... Mark

Restore Mail and Shortcut deletion question

When a user restores an archived email (in this case to the original location), the EV shortcut remains in their original mail folder as well. Thus users see 2 items with the only difference being the icon (and message class if they are viewing that...

rename the Outlook Menu item

I am using EV 7 for Exchanage. Aa you know after installing the client and enabling the mail boxes. We will get extra Item in outlook\Tools. i.e Enterprise Vault. I would like to change the Menu item in Outlook from Enterprise Vault to some other nam...

CA Search Schedule Error

We recently installed CA 6.0 SP1 and ever since the install we have not been able to select any of the schedules that we have defined within CA. We are at EV 6.0 SP3.We have several weekly searches setup in the search schedule link under application...

Mojorsn by Level 5
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Hi all, I've read posts suggesting that EV does not support Firefox, but can someone please advise how to force Outlook's "Browser Search" function to use Firefox instead of IE, when searching through a vault? I'm using Enterprise Vault a...

Rick_Flair by Level 4
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