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Mailbox Archiving - reporting errors

Here's something I've noticed on EV7.0. I have 6 MBX archiving tasks. If I run a report on on any one of the tasks, reports are created for every task (i.e. every Exchange server). What is more, the contents of the report do not reflect the actual ma...

65@ sign in the attachment trough OWA

Any body know how to correct the 65@ sign representing an attachment? I have run the cscripts a lot of time and uninstall the extension a few more time. I am planning to uninstall my Exchange server and reinstall everything again. Any idea will be ve...

Jay_Rodz by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 7 Client Upgrade

All:In planning for an upgrade to version 7, a question has arisen: if we upgrade EV to version 7 in the back end, will all the version 6 clients update themselves automatically? Or do we have to push them somehow? And, will a version 7 client w...

EVPM retention periods on folders

Does the retention period for a folder set via EVPM script apply to the date of the message being vaulted...or to how long its been in that retention folder?ie: if the period is 90days for the retention folder.. and I place an message into that fold...

DynS by Level 4
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FSA and Archive Points

Hi,I need confirmation on Archive Point configuration with FSA.I'm using EV7.0 and I want to create a single archive from the top level network share. The options for creating Archive Points, in order of preference are GUI, ArchivePoint.exe utility, ...

Resolved! Replace items already vaulted with shortcuts

When I first implemented Enterprise Vault 7.0, I setup the policy against only my mailbox to ensure that it worked properly. I had the policy set to archive the items in the mailbox, but to leave the original item alone; essentially just making a ba...

MSMQ disk size

I am configuring a new EV server (in cluster) for email archiving with around 8000 user base attached to SAN. I wanted to assign separate LUNs for MSMQ, Indexes and Vault stores. What is the size of the LUN that i need to allocate for MSMQ? Is there ...

retore failed

Hello My case relates to Journaling option, the email searches via EV search explorer run well, the emails can be viewed too, except the restoration does not function and shows faild status , find below the events,I want to add that the only action u...

OWA Anonymous Error

I am running into the following error while running the owauser.wsf cscript command:ERROR: Cannot log on to specified accountDoes anyone know of why this would present itself? I have reset the password for the OWA anonymous user account. I have logge...

Resolved! Trend Micro AV and archive recall during backup

Hi,I'm using Trend Micro OfficeScan 7.3, EV 6.0 SP3.During backup, archived files are recalled. Using ExcludedExe I've excluded all of the backup and AV exes, but I'm still seeing EVPlaceholder.exe hitting files in FileMon and backups are still slow....

Insufficient free memory eventid: 3270

Anyone run into this error ? I have checked that the 16k mapisvc.inf file is located in C:\Windows\System32, ran fixmapi, deleted all the temp Outlook profiles and restarted the server. I continue to get this error:Thanks in advanceType:WarningEve...

Resolved! Daylight Savings Time

This shoud be a quick answer. I would like to know if there is some sort of order that needs to be adhered to when applying both the Microsoft DST patch and the EV DST patch. Is one required before the other?

Maynard_K by Level 6
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Resolved! Clarification on PST migration

Dear ladies/Gentlemen,Can I get clarification on how a PST folder structure will be represented in the archive explorer application after migration.Example user has a PST setup with inbox folder and subfolder 1After Migration do the mails in the sub ...

Resolved! Defrag Enterprise Vault Server

Anyone have any recommendation of the best way to defrag teh hard drive? my drive is very defragmented and i know that it will take awhile to defrag.can i use the windows defrag program to do it or do i need something mre robust. also, is there any...