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Problem with Vault Store Usage Report

I receive the following error when trying to view our Vault Store Usage Report:Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113'Script timed out/EnterpriseVault/listvaults.aspThe maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this li...

Offline vault and viewing attachments

We have users starting to use Offline vault and running into issues with viewing attachments when they are offlineIs there a configuration that needs to be set so users download their attachments with offline vault?Kathy

Index rebuild times

Does anyone have any data (personal or Symantec) on index rebuild times? For example, it takes x days to rebuild full indexes on 100GB of archived data?Also, would the following registry entry (recommended with indexing in a Journaling situation) hel...

Alan_M by Level 6
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PST locator task failing to find all PST files

When I run the PST locator task it does not find all of our PST files. On some servers it doesn't find any when there are several. I checked the servers "Last hard Drive Scan" and "Last Registry Scan" both show successful and today�s date. When I man...


Can anyone tell me precisely what it is this executable does? Last night, I saw 5 instances of it under task manager, and when added up, they were using 100% of the CPU.Thanks.

Problems opening archived emails

Hello,Today we have started experiencing issues with our enteprise vault v6 sp 2 installation (with exchange 2003). We keep getting issues opening archived emails whereby the prompt comes up stating that the item is being located, the blue bar moves...

Resolved! EV installation on exchange and clients?

Please could you confirm if:Is it a must to install EV6 SW on the exchange server to let OWA users to access the vault from OWA? Does this cause stop supporting OWa as OWA has been *hack* by EV?Is it a must to install evclient60m.msi on each outlook ...

secondary mailbox ina Outlook profile

Hey guys, I have a tricky request from one of my users. They do not want their primary mailbox enabled for archive but a few of them have a shared secondary mailbox set up in their outlook profile. What will happen if I enable the shared mailbox fo...

PST Locator failure

When I do a registry search with the PST Locator task, I get the following error in the report:Requested registry access is not allowed.When I do a hard drive search, I get the same thing.This happens on all computers that I search.EV 6, SP2Windows 2...

Client Migrations

Greetings,Is there any way to stop the client driven PST migrations from scanning and importing pst files from the local hard disk?I'm only interested in PST files that are in the profile (usually on network drives), and often there are things on the...

Removing the Enterprise Vault menu from within Outlook

Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the Enterprise Vault menu from within Outlook? I understand that I can control if certain menu items appear under the EV menu but I have a situation where I need to stop users from seeing the Offline Vault...

Alan_M by Level 6
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Message stays pending after backup

What could be wrong if a message is not archived after a backup.Normally I could also manually archive a message, then reset the archive bit and the message is moved to the vault store. But now it stays pending.If I change the archiving to immediatel...

Register vault forms in System folder / owa toolbar

Hello,We have an exchange 2000 server and had no problems with the vault toolbar in owa after a company installed it for us. But after some weeks the toolbar dissapeared. We checked everything and it all seems right. Then we run the backend2000.vbs s...

Message Header Information

Hi, When viewing unarchived messages within Outlook the header information contains a grey bar that tells you whether you have replied to or forwarded that particular message. This info is not present on messages that have been archived and then subs...

FSA Vaulting from Netapp Filer using CIFS

We have referenced article,, and created fpolicies and when archiving is run, this is the error we receive:External component has thrown an exception.The placeholders are not being created. Any ideas?