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create preview of an item additionally

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during last weekend, our internal EV system was in unstable state, probably due to accidential collision with EV VM snapshot creation/deletion during archiving. Some processes did not communicate properly and there were many error events in Event Viewer.

After EV server restart, I had to synchronize several indexes reporting missing items (it was ok), and now everything seems ok (EVSVR Complete check against all data ran without any errors).

I dont want to more analyze those comm problems. However it looks that preview was not created for some (about 100) items. So in EV Search interface, you get "No preview of this item is available." No error messages in EV Converters section in Event Viewer for the whole weekend and I am sure these items are 100% eligible for preview creation.

Simple question, is it possible to recreate preview of an already archived item additionally, for example by some command?






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Hi Michal


  1. Is preview failing for the mails or for any attachments?
  1. Do we see the DVSCC files for the items for which the preview fails


If it is as low as 100 items, restore the items back to mailbox and next archiving will take care.