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creds prompt in Outlook 2019/365 but only when browsing archives

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12.4.2 server and outlook client (exchange archiving only) / on premises exchange 2016 / Outlook 2019/365 v11328.20158

Everything working fine after finally doing an 11.0.1 > 12.4 > 12.4.2 upgrade ... except for one thing.

EVSearch within Outlook, it opens ok within Outlook, no creds prompts and the user sees the archives they have access to.

For some archives the user can browse without issue and for others (including their own), when they click on the archive or click to expand the archive tree, the user gets a credentials prompt.

Via browser, all works as expected, integrated authentication, no prompts.

Our outlook version is beyond the listed version in the compatibility charts so support are trying to use that to get rid of us ... I appreciate the reasons but you would expect a little effort first before pulling that ace card.

My work around is to set search to open out to a browser, but also wondering if anyone has any comments or suggestions as to how we might troubleshoot/resolve this?





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Are you using RPC over HTTPS? Can you please provide max client logs? I know that the way EV handled this changed a little right arround here...but I have not nailed down a specific version yet and took a small snooze away from being so EV focused while it was implemented. IIRC, this has a lot to do with the proxy addresses  a lot of times. I think that is part of what changed.

Thanks for that.

No proxy.

Unfortunately we cant see anything in the max logs, have cleansed and attached, would appreciate if you can see anything of note.



I should add, it is a somewhat similar issue to this: however we are all good via a browser, our issue only occurs in Outlook.

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clientlog usually doesn't show much details in that kind of situation as it is only logging the start of it. 

Did you give UseRestrictedSecurity = 1 a try? We've sorted out a lot of client related issues with that so give it a try. Opening EVS in Outlook is usually treated a bit different than opening EVS in IE due to IE options / settings. 

If this does not improve the situation you can also activate the verbose search logging to see some more details from the server side.

Enterprise Vault Search Troubleshooting : Enabling Verbose logging




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Thanks for the input.

We actually have UseRestrictedSecurity = 1 set already, no difference to the primary issue.

It now looks like our issue is not related to outlook directly.

Via browser we have been going to the search site in this format:

http://SiteName.FQDN/enterprisevault/search, however, via IE (chrome and Firefox ok), http://SiteName/enterprisevault/search returns an empty page (fiddler and IIS logs show 401's)

Our site name/alias is in shortname format (SiteName), not FQDN format ( The site name is also in our Intranet zone (http://SiteName), as is * (and IE page properties confirm intranet site).

We are stumped, we cant figure it out, the settings look fine so a new support case opened, hopefully we wouldnt be fobbed off like before.

Thanks again for the input we will report finding back here for others.

We are sorted for our browser issue (search using site name didn't return any content in IE) but are still having an issue in Outlook.

The IE issue was

Rem we were an 11.0.1 to 12 upgrade and at some stage previously we obviously felt we needed to use Enterprise mode.