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different languages same mailbox by Misconfiguration outlook client

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We have a EV with 300 users. During installation of the Outlook clients there where users that had English usersetting/regional settings and Dutch. So the user mailbox  system folders inbox calendar etc. are english/or dutch. These settings where also archived.  During export we get the english Vault items and dutch items. So users get inbox and 'Postvak In'
Does any one know how to change (consolidate) them in EV or a third party tool?

Level 6

When you say consolidate them do you mena so the export only shows the items under inbox for example? If so you could export them to PST merge them in Outlook by dragging and dropping.  Not aware of any other way to do this really or of any tool that would do it for you I am afraid. 

Do you see both inbox and 'Postvak In' under Archive Explorer? 

I take it you originally did not have two folders before archiving for inbox so the language settings in my view should not of affected this?!! Can you reproduice the issue at will with a test user? If so I would suggest you log a case with Symantec for this to be reviewed. I would not really expect this as default behavior.

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Hello Leon,

You could try starting outlook using the /resetfoldernames swithc

The last link describes this best. It is in Dutch, but somehow I have the feeling that is not a problem.....smiley
Regards. Gertjan

Level 2

They initial had 1 language setting but during the years their client settings (outlook) changed and that created a second archive set with (dutch/english) depending on the one al ready in the vault.

I will log a case by Symantec and post the solution when solved.

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Resetting the folder names is not the problem. And I am aware of the Outlook switches. I used the Registry settings of Petri before.
If I do so i get more archives with 2 languages sets.

So I first need to consolidate the 2 achrives in EV and reset de foldernames. It seem EV uses fullnames of the folders instead of guids.