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e-mail expiration, possibility of restoring ?

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Hi !

A user asked me a question about a case that was deleted. I explain to you: The user created a case on May 9th. The period for this case was from January 2013 to December 2015. Our retention policy is 5 years. In this case, there were emails from July 2014 that were important to the user. For some reason, the case was deleted by the end of May 2019. Right now we are in August, emails from July 2014 are no longer available due to the 5 year retention. My question ... is it possible to recover the case in qestion and if yes does this case contain the emails?

Thanks !


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I assume you mean a case in Discovery Accelerator. DA targets the EV Indexes to find items. It does not retrieve the items found, and stores them in DA. If the case remains, AND the items are 'On Legal Hold', they will not be deleted. Now, as the case has been removed, the items were eligible for expiry, and have been expired. There is no easy way to get these back.

The only option you have is to do a restore of data/indexes/SQL databases in a SEPERATE (test) environment, and get the items back from there. DO NOT restore to your live environment. (just to be sure I am clear), this will make you loose everything archived from the point of restore.

Regards. Gertjan

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Side note. I have seen a significant percentage of people mess up their vault store DBs when doing this because they bring the Lab ones up and only reconfigured teh directory DB so when storage service starts it looks for DBs and starts acting against production DBs. Make sure you have reconfigured all VSDBs prior to starting storage . You may thank me later.