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enterprise vault proxy server for OWA

Level 3

Hi all,

at the moment we're running one single EV server within our company LAN. In order to make archived items accessible from the internet via OWA we would like to install a second EV server which would act as a proxy.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

we habe:

exchange 2010

EV 10

P.S.:I'm aware that there is also the possibility of publishing an URL for the EV server via a firewall but due to security reasons the network team doesn't allow this. They force us to search for another solution, therefore my question above.


Thanks, Roberto


Level 5
Partner Accredited

You should be able to reach https://evserver/EnterpriseVault/search.asp from outside and have it prompt you. Anyway you want to do that, you need it published.The Search and Archive Explorer features make a direct connection to the Enterprise Vault server. To use these features from outside the firewall, your Enterprise Vault server must be published externally.