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help needed on exporting search result to pst (exchange server no longer exists)

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 I have a question regarding Enterprise Vault.

 Here’s a little background :

We have Enterprise Vault (64bits) that was used to archive Exchange 2007.

We did a project to migrate all our mailboxes to Office365.

A new Exchange 2013 was built to setup an Hybrid solution with Office365.

We asked our users to bring back their important emails from the Vault to their mailbox

Mailboxes were migrated from Ex2007 to 2013 and then to Office365.


After all mailboxes were migrated, Ex2007 was decommissioned but Ent Vault was kept in case we needed to search for missing emails. The search function works fine (we essentially use for journal mailbox). EV was supposed to be decommissioned in January 2017 but we were asked to wait… Exchange 2013 is still operational.

 We are at a point that journaling mailbox search is not sufficient : we would need to export the search result to PST. This, doesn’t seem to be doable without the original Ex2007 journal mailbox. What would be the better option for us?

  • Reinstall a new Ex2007 and recreate a mailbox for the destination of the PST?
  • Migrate Vault to a version compatible to Exchange 2013?
  • Is there any EV Powershell commands that would allow us to export the search results to PST without the use of Exchange?
  • Any suggestions?

 Thank you!


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You can use Method 2 to add the PST option for baskets: