high load on EMC Centera

Hallo together,

Can somebody tell me more about the APi Call of Symantec Enterprise Vault 7.5. SP5 to a EMC Centera ?

We have to much load on single Access Nodes on Centera and don´t know how we can fix this.

In EV Admin we customized all possible Ip Adress of all access nodes of the centera and we use a PEA file for the connection.

Now we have on one single access nodes high load and it seems we don´t have a load balacing here !

Can somebody help me a give me some light in the dark ?

Thanks alot

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Thilo Schweizer
Robert Bosch GmbH
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I think a better way to

I think a better way to approach this is speak to EMC to capture and identify the high load on their device. Also from a Symantec  perspective, iodentify any times when the issue is worse such as archiving periods, any pattern to the behaviour. 

I dont really think undertsanding the API is going to help you identify what is going on.  If there was an issue with this then I would expect every Centera customer with EV to be contacting support and tge fact is they are not.

Centera and Enterprise Vault - Troubleshooting Guide


Normally EV will do a "Round-robin" against all access node addresses to the Centera Data Management Port TCP 3218.

Can you get to 3218 on all configured addresses from the EV server?
Try the Centera Verify tool in the EV directory. This should come back with the status information for each node.
(If Centera Verify shows any errors, you can go directly to EMC: It has nothing to do with EV!)

Are there any firewalls between the EV Server and the Centera?
Can you use the Centera management tools to verify that
- either all Nodes get EV data and one of them has issues digesting the load
- only one node gets all EV data

Also do you have replication enabled?
If so, make sure that all front-end nodes can see all replication IPs on the network. (Use Centera Verify again!)
What is the saftey copy strategy on your VaultStore - "After backup" or "Immediately"

How long does it take for an  item to go from pending to short-cut if you set the saftey copy strategy to "Immediately".
Try ten items - are some of them archiving and going to a short-cut fast and some take significantly longer, or do all of them take the same time?

I think that's the baseline of troubleshooting questions I have collected so far!


Daniel Maiworm
vcare Infosystems

(P.S: You have my number - call me if you need any assistance!)

Communication between EV and EMC API

Hi Mr. Maiworm,

Thanks for support.

Verify and Replication is ok. Also the time between Pending and Archived.
Our problem is. We see on Centera, that only one node is from nettraffic is in high load and the other access nodes are not !
So I want to see a bit behind the scene to invastigate, if the high load is coming from the point, that EV is always calling the first IP-Adress for getting the other Ips from the API or how is the way between the communication of EV and the EMC API.

best regards
Thilo Schweizer
Robert Bosch GmbH

In EV have you verified that

In EV have you verified that you have all of the IP's of your access nodes listed and not just the one that is having the high traffic

Hello Liam, Yes we have 11

Hello Liam,

Yes we have 11 Ip-adresses added in the configuration in EV.

best regards
Thilo Schweizer
Robert Bosch GmbH

Try taking the one Centera

Try taking the one Centera access node that is having the high network activity out of the list and then restart your storage service

Just to see what will happen.

Maybe it is an issue with that node. If the net traffic stays high and EV is not talking to it then it may be the Node.

Also analyze the network traffic going to and from the node to see where the traffic is coming from

EMC Support has tools that

EMC Support has tools that can analyze Centera access node activity via logfiles; have you tried opening a support case with them?