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how to develope an expiry report with e-mail notification

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first of all, I have created an expiry report with e-mail notification based on the searcho2k.asp. Since EV 12.2, this searcho2k.asp is EOL. So If I perform the upgrade, I have no chance to determine expiring items for each archive.

At the moment, I have three approachs, but all are unsuccesful:

Method 1: (imo the best approach) Expiry Report on SQL basis

JesusWept3 provided an SQL Statement to receive all expiring items. At further analysis, I figured out that the database only stores the saveset ids. To retrieve more informations (e.g. sent date, messagesubject) I have to extract the saveset information.

As a result, I have to extract the whole saveset for each item. This sounds very roundabout and complicated. Is there a way to get this information directly from the index?

Method 2: migrate the eol search02k.asp to ev 12.2

This method doens't work. I am redirected directly to EVS

Method 3: develop the expiy report on new EVS url

This method doesn' work, because if i want to resolve my custom url with the vsa account, the vsa account has no access to the personal EVS Archive expiry report url. With searcho2k.asp, this VSA could perform this action.

So this is my experience with developing an advanced expiry report with user notification. If someome has an idea, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks in advance, FLX


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I would also try with SQL queries.

There are different ways to connect the savesets with other metadata. It is just like you said a little bit work to do.