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in EV archive explorer for outlook a file is not getting restored and there is no error message?

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the user is trying to restore and folder in outlook 2010. the files is archived in EV 9. when the user tries to restore it, the file does not gets restored and there is no error message.


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Is it an exchange archive or an FSA archive? Are they restoring to the original location or restored items? Is any error thrown in the event logs on the EV servers? Are you in backup mode at all?

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Give us some detail about you envirnoment.

I believe it should be exchange archiving..

Could you please provide a client trace from the affected machine.

Also a Dtrace of "ArchiveTask , AgentClientBroker , StorageRestore"at the same time from EV Server would help..

you can check the below article on how to enable to client trace and dtrace.

How to perform a client trace for Enterprise Vault (EV) within Outlook
How to run Dtrace to help diagnose issues with Enterprise Vault

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Check your MSMQ's. Are there items 'stuck' in the restore queue?

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Hello Xuberant,


Do you have any logs collected for us... ?

Pleae update us if you need any more assistance..