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intelligent restore based on archive shortcuts in user mailbox

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for a split of company we have to selectively restore archived user mails based on the individual shortcuts on hs mailbox.

Background: We only have to restore the current "active" archived emails based on the fact if the user has a shortcut inside his mailbox. The restore should use the same folderstructure as the user has currently in his mailbox (not in the archive), and the restored mails should be stored in a dedicated pst-file to avoid growing of the currently used user mailbox. Optionally it should be possible to omit selected folders from export.

e.g. mailrestore - user USERNAME -omit "deleted Items", "junk mail" -output EXPORT.PST

Did anyone know scipt or tool for this scenario?

kind regards


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You can't do this natively, but there are third party products that can help with this sort of requirement.

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Hi Rob,

please could you name or recomend some products?

kind regards


I'm slightly biased ...  Quadrotech Archive Shuttle.

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