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items did not expire with new retention category

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I am running EV 11.0.1 with Exchange 2013

I applied a new Exchange mailbox policy and retention category (retain for 1 year) to a provisioning group recently. Exchange archiving works, but the retention policy doesn't seems to run. When I run the Storage expiry, the Report did not show any items marked for deletion.

Storage Expiry Report (Report Mode)

Vault Store Name: Express Vault Store
Vault Store Id: <>

Number of vaults processed: 626
Number of vaults enabled for expiry: 626
Total number of expired items: 1266

Items marked with sent\received date based retention categories have been deleted:
Retention Policy - 6.5 years : 1265 items.
Retention Policy - 10 years : 1 items.

Items marked with archived date based retention categories have been deleted:

The expiry is based on modified date, which EV says is based on received date. Should i change it to archived date instead?




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You write you added the 1 year retention recently. How recent? I believe that the report run does not show your 1 year, because there are no items (yet) te expire with that 1 year retention. Remember, the report shows what would expire if you ran expiry right now.+

Regards. Gertjan

Keep in mind that changing the retention category assigned to a provisioning group will cause all of that group's newly archived items to be archived with the new retention category, but it will not retroactively change the retention category that is assigned to items that were already archived. To change the retention for previously archived items, you need to do one of the following:

  • Restore the items to the mailbox and rearchive them
  • Export the items to PST and then import them back
  • Use Classification (EV 12 and later) to reclassify the items
  • Contact Veritas Consulting Services or a Veritas partner to perform the retention category update for you.


Hope that helps.


hi, it took a few days for Storage Expiry task to report the expired items with the new retention policy. As Chris mentioned, the new category only applies to newly archived items. I had assumed it will apply to existing archived items cc Chris, is EVPM another solution to apply the new retention category? this will require more work?

No, EVPM will not apply the retention retroactively. EVPM sets a filter on an Exchange folder, such that any items archived from that folder will be given the specified retention category when they are archived. It does not apply the specified retention to items already in the archive.