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mapisvc.inf and virtual vault

According to
You need to update the mapsvc.inf with a commandline (which is not allowed here).

Additionally, it is mentioned to verify the locale of OS, Outlook and Client are the same.

Locale of OS (I assume) is ment Regional Settings, Language?
Locale of Outlook - is this the MSOffice Tools, Language Settings?
Locale of Client = which EVClient package is installed?

I have tested on a colleagues Workstation. 2 folders, 1033 and 1043 (En and NL). IN NL was the mapisvc.inf, not in 1033. Outlook, evclient and os are english. (OS = Windows7). Copying over mapisvc.inf to the 1033 folder made VV working.

Does anyone have other tips on how to get this working? I do not want to have thousands of users calling the helpdesk.
Regards. Gertjan
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just as a matter of interest

just as a matter of interest why are you not allowed to run the command line?

no idea

Hi JW,

<edit> Users can open the command prompt, and run the command. <\edit>

What is restricted is access to the c:\program files\common files\system\msmapi\1033 and 1043 folder.

A user only has Read rights..... Power users Change.

hmmm. Further investigation.
Regards. Gertjan


We're running into this issue on every windows 7 workstation.

According to setting the locals the same should fix this, it does not. Or I am missing a locale, and then hope to get information what locales need to be adjusted where.

Adding users to the powerusers group, and assigning that permissions to the msmapi folders ..\1033 and 1043, is obviously not a good solution. Is there ANY OTHER way to be able to get Virtual Vault working, without needing to fiddle with permissions or other nono's.

I was thinking of (perhaps) a loginscript that copies mapisvc.inf from the 1033 to the 1043 folder. (although everything is in English, mapisvc.inf is installed in the 1043 (dutch) folder.). We're using the english client. Should we perhaps go for the dutch one?

Has anyone resolved this issue by another workaround? Less intrusive and easier to implement in a large environment?

Regards. Gertjan

I'm in the US, so I haven't

I'm in the US, so I haven't had to do anything with the locale setting, but I have seen this error occur a lot recently on Windows XP (don't recall any running Windows 7).  The solution I used can be found at

If that fixes the problem I'm not sure what the best solution would be to script the fix so it will run on all of the affected workstations.