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i have a question;

I have EV 11 and 7 TB journal backlog EV data. I am also using mbx archiving (we have SIS between journal and mbx archiving data) . we need to delete journal data . ı dont want to see journal targets in VAC . this is ok just right click journal archive delete and wait long time to complete operation.OK.

But we need to open this journal data in different environment in future. How can i export-migrate-deploy an environment for open and search these huge 7-8 TB journal data in different environment? 

I think that, install and configure DR server in different location in same domain replicate all of the data in storage side. but problem is how can i use-attach data to this environment? because archive alias and ip still using in production for mbx archiving. i couldnt shut down this mbx server . if i use different alias so how can read other environment archived data?(data archived with other environment credentials,alias etc...)

Also i couldnt add new site to existing environmet. i dont want to see new server journal target in VAC.

do you have any idea?



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Re: migrating journal data


i guess we need more informations.

What is the new environment? EV?

Does EV run on VM?

Direct connection between old and new enivronment?


1.Usually the best thing for searches is Discovery Accelerator. You can export Data and make it searchable/readable if that is what you want.

2.You can also export to PSTs although this is not recommended (you will lose some informations like bcc etc., and it takes a very long time)

3.Perform a restore of EV in the new environment. (depending on requirements)

For anything else I would need more informations.


Re: migrating journal data


i will arrange new environment version later. i can install same version as other environment.

existing EV running on HW physical machine. 

new server can be in same domain or in test domain , but i dont want to see new jrn server details in existing VAC . because after deploy new jrn server, and replicate all of the existing old data, i will delete journal archive in existing EV server.

1- i couldnt use DA because i will delete journal archive after deploy new EV jrn server.

2- pst export for 1-2 user is not problem but exporting 7-8 TB journal archive is too hard.

3- ok backup restore or data replication to new environment is our best way but how can i deploy new environment? data uses old ev credentials,authentication and old EV configuration alias. ( i know that X copany EV data couldnt open in Y company EV environment.)



Re: migrating journal data

I am pretty sure that you can move Journal archives (move archive) but only within the same site.

You could probably rebuild the connections to the databases throug Evsvr but it would take like an eternity...


I think your best bet is to contact Veritas, maybe they can manipulate SQL so that old values are overwritten with the new once.


Re: migrating journal data

Something to consdider.  When you share between Journa and Mailbox archiving, nearly all of the data resided in the Journal archives.  So, when you try to delete them, they don't actually go away since the mailbox archive just is a pointer to the actual data in the Journal archive.  

From the description you are giving I suspect you'll need to export the archives and then import into the new environment.  I suggest that you contact one of the EV migration consulting groups to help you.