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missing index directory.

Level 2

I'm running EV ver
I have an issue with my index location, the entire index directory was deleted more than 8 months ago. We had a third party (outside legal consul) supposedly administrating and monitoring this server. They left it as a **bleep** show. Well they are gone now!! And I'm left to pick up the pieces. they wiped out the whole directory structure C:\EVStorage\index\index1-8.
Here is the error
There are 2812592 archived items in Vault Store 'Northville Vault Store 1' that are waiting to be indexed.
There may be a problem with Enterprise Vault indexing. ( YA THINK ?!)

I found and old copy of the directory from a year ago on another drive. But there is not enough room to copy it to the original directory. I want to put these file on a New Drive, but i'm having trouble with the move index wizard. It tells me I need to copy the index files first, then run the wizard but when I do that it tells me the location must be empty. How do I do this ? Or should I rebuild the indexes from scratch, I have 137 mailbox archives.

I know that many of them were never indexed because of how long ago the directory was deleted.

thanks for your help


Level 6

Hi Jeff,

If you check the Indexing Service from the Vault console under the Vault Server.  You will see the paths for indexing under the Index Locations tab.  If you have space, and space to grow, in that location then you should be able to copy data there and restart indexing.  It should sync the data.  

If moving create a new location from the Index Locations tab Add button.  This will create 8 new folder in the target path. You can then use the move index to move them(logically).  Easiset to move Index1 > Index1...

Once that is done then ensure the new location has the restored data and restart indexing.  You should see it start working on the indexes, but you may need to run a Synchronize task on them if it does not start to sync.



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Hello Jeff,

If there is no index location, indexing service will not start, or at least should give an event in eventlog that there are no locations. Can it be they moved the locations to somewhere else?

It should be possible to check how many items are in the archives. I would start with:

Logon to EV server with Vault Service Account. Open IE (run as administrator), and go to http://localhost/enterprisevault/usage.asp 

Click on Vault Store Name, then on "View usage report by Archive Name". If correct, that shows info.

If you're restore/move of indexlocations does not work, you could rebuild indexes for the archives. Start with small ones, (little items) just to get a feel of how it goes, performance etc. Make sure you do indeed have sufficient storage to host the indexes.

Regards. Gertjan

Level 4

Hello Jeff,

I would tend to go with both Gertjan and Pat. 

If the Index locations are "missing", the Indexing Service would not be running. If it is, in all likelihood the Index Locations were moved. Checking the Index Service for the current locations would be the first thing to do. After that depending on storage and convention, I would go with Gertjan and Pat's recommendations.


Sheldon Dsouza