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move Exchange 2003 mailbox to Exchange 2007



We will move our Exchange 2003 server to a new server with Exchange 2007.

The other servers will also moved to new hardware. incl. san the storage.

So the current SQL2000 server will be a SQL2005 server.

My plan is to install EV9 on a new Windows 2008 server to archive the items from the new Exchange 2007 server.

(new directory and site)

This new EV9 server will than use this SQL2005 for his databases.

We move some mailboxes from the Exchange 2003 server to the new 2007 Server.

and move the archives from those users to the new EV9 server. (move archive wizard)


can you tell me if I miss something ?

and what we be happening with my shortcuts that are pointing to the old ev server.

will the move archive wizard fix this for me.



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A far simpler method would be

A far simpler method would be to just inplace upgrade your existing environment to EV9 and then use the DR method of moving everything to a new Win8/EV9 server. 

1) move the mailboxes to the new Ex2007 server, create an archiving task from the existing EV server to the new Exchange server.

2) move the SQL dbs to the new SQL server

3) inplace upgrade the existing server to EV9

4) do a DR migration from the existing EV server to the new Win8/EV9 server.


This will be a must faster, simpler and efficient method of acheiving the results you desire.

ok, but will work my

ok, but will work my steps.

The end user will not all the mailboxen at this moment and will have full control of it.