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multiple Exchange server question

Level 3
Hi, I'm having problems with multiple accounts needed for multiple exchange servers..
situation: 3 exchange servers, one organization, 3 exchange mailboxes (one for each machine)
I have one vault service account, and three mailboxes for communication with exchange
these four accounts are exchange admin equivalent and have 'send as' and 'recieve as' rights
when i use the mailbox attached to the vault service account when i connect to an exchange server all goes well, but when I select another mailbox to use for exchange (another server where the other mailbox doesn't excist) I don't have a working communication.
please tell me what I lack, or miss to get this working...( I can't have three mailboxes under one account in AD)
but how do i make the link ev service account and the 'other' mailbox for the 'other' exchange server???

Level 6
The vault service account should has "Send As" and full control exchnage permissions on the stores.
Each exchange server should have a separate "System Mailbox" which is loacted on that Exchange server.
The VSA will login to the Exchange server using the security context of the VSA but the VSA will use the System Mailbox to do the work on the Exchange server.
If you are having issues with your System Mailboxes then do this.
1. Login to the Vault Server using the VSA
2. Setup a profile for a user whcih exists on each exchange server.
3. Launch the profile under the security context of the VSA and send an email to your account. If this test is sucessful then the VSA has the proper permissions.
4.If the VSA has the proper permissions then follow this tech arcticle:

Level 3
this is a solution that seems to work: I forced ownership of the mailboxes for the ev service account.
so I can use the seperate mailboxes and still keep using the ev service account
afterwards I found out I was able to set separate account settings for each server so that could have used the account which the mailbox belongs to.
my solution keeps the numer of accounts that are Exchange Full Admin to a minimum, the other one is more obvious for other personel who have to maintain this environment..
for my personal understanding, I would like a second opinion; did I do the right thing???