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outlook add in -  support for mobile


we recently installed enterprise vault into our organization.
we chose to enable the outlook add-in to enable users to access their archived emails.

the add-in works nicely on OWA and outlook 2013 onward (well after recent office updates it required a bit of our involvement but on the whole it works nicely)

the add-in however does not work on mobile phones.
reading on the subject, I discovered Microsoft added mobile support for add-ins only very recently. (

where can I find about support from veritas respective? (plans for implementing and etc.)

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Re: outlook add in -  support for mobile

Actually you have two ways for access at your archive from a mobile :
- if you open an access at your EVault Server since outside in "HTTPS", you can access a the EV search engine (with a specific design) via the web browser of your mobile
- other solution is to use IMAP protocol, and to configure your EV server like an IMAP server ... like this you can map a second mail adress on your mobile with IMAP protocole for access at your archive.

Regarding your topic, I think that Veritas don't want create a specific add-in for mobile plateform because you have many different OS for smartphone.



Re: outlook add in -  support for mobile

Hi there,

Also, you may want to consider that Mobile/ActiveSync policies are traditionally set to 1 month or less (ie. only store emails younger than a month on the mobile device), while a typical email archiving policy is configured to archive emails older than 1 month or more in most cases. Therefore, users do not really need to look up emails older than a month on their mobile devices. This is the reason we see very few customers implementing IMAP EV Access.


Re: outlook add in -  support for mobile

we are a large organization, connecting to archive mails via mobile is very common by us. we don't want to use imap as it is not a secure protocol (which I believe is the true reason why very few costumers use it). however outlook add-ins work with https which makes it a very comfortable and secure method to connect to the archive.

@Titoine31 wrote:
Regarding your topic, I think that Veritas don't want create a specific add-in for mobile plateform because you have many different OS for smartphone

 if veritas has any hope of continuing business in the 21'st century, they should understand that people now use smartphones, and yes they have a variety of OS versions. though sh**.

besides, if I am not missing anything big, they are only using Microsoft API's and the OS version shouldn't make a big difference.

Re: outlook add in -  support for mobile


I've been in a reasonably large environment with EV11.0.1. That organization used Blackberry and MobileIron. We've configured both to get a shortcut pointing to the EV11 search page on the mobile devices. This does require you to enable the users for the new search. The new search page is HTML5, and should therefor work on almost every mobile device. The only requirement is that they use that new search when they are connected to the (internal) network. Mobile Iron and BB do just that.

The new search puts Archive Explorer and the Search in one place. Users oved that. They can search, browse, open items etc without issues. I've seen it work on Iphone, Ipad, Galaxy Note, blackberry and windows phone.

Provided you are on EV11 or later, I advise you to look into that.

Regards. Gertjan

Re: outlook add in -  support for mobile

thanks for all the suggestions, but my intention in this thread is to get information regarding specificity the outlook add-ins for mobiles, and not on methods to connect from mobile phones.

Re: outlook add in -  support for mobile

Ok ... I think that's not in the roadmap of Veritas ... They needed many time for add IMAP solution or Search Engine for mobile.
Somebody have more news regarding this topic ?

Re: outlook add in -  support for mobile

For my understanding, what is the difference between 'mobiles' and 'mobile phones'?

They designed the new search to be compatible with as many browsers as possible (HTML5), which makes the search run on almost any device if it can connect somehow to the corporate network. If you are looking for the actual add-in, there will not be (at least, I have not heard) a specific add-in to be used on a mobile device. either Outlook or Notes client can get the add-in.

Mapi is nice, but has some disadvantages.

If you really need this, I advise to talk to your SE, PM or sales person, so they can relay the question to development department.

Regards. Gertjan